Vacationing in Bozeman, Montant

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April 6, 2014

Vacationing in Bozeman, Montana

One of the places I would like to visit when I have a chance is Bozeman, Montana, and the surrounding areas. The history of that part of our country intrigues me. I love the outdoors, and Bozeman offers many outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping and hiking. All of those are things that I would love to do. Near Bozeman is Yellowstone National Park, which has numerous sights I know I would enjoy seeing. In addition, I believe just driving through the countryside in and around Bozeman would provide breathtaking sights to see. The main drawback to visiting Montana is the weather. Fall and winter weather in Montana can be harsh and unpredictable, making vacationing miserable for those unaccustomed to such weather. Even with the possibility of weather causing problems, I believe a vacation in Bozeman, Montana would be a very enjoyable experience.

One of the things that attracts me to a location for a vacation is the history of a place. Bozeman, Montana was known as the "Valley of the Flowers" by the many Indian tribes who lived near there and hunted there (Zenfell 160). Wagon trains guided by John Bozeman and Jim Bridger came through that area in violation of treaties with

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the Indians, and the trails created by those wagon trains later became "Bonanza Trail, the Bridger Cut-Off, and the Bloody Bozeman," which was called that because it was a

very dangerous shortcut used by pioneers (Zenfell 160). Bozeman has a historic downtown area with well-maintained hotels and independent businesses, and one of the places that is of interest to visitors and that I would like to see is the Gallatin Pioneer Museum, which is located in the...