A very suspenseful story on how i fell off a quad

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We hopped on the shiny red quad. Colton sat on the soft seat and I sat on the cold metal rack. The trail was lit only by moonlight and a faint shimmer from the racetrack lights.

Colton grabbed the throttle and made me almost slide off the back. I caught myself with one foot and pushed myself back onto the quad. Cold air was sweeping through the hair on the back of my head. I could barely hear Colton chuckle as I felt him duck. I turn around and could see in my peripheral vision what looked like a tree branch. He broke out in laughter when he heard the snap of the tree branch across my head. When I had realized what had just happened I gave him a quick elbow to his kidney for not warning me.

All that could be heard was the wind blowing past us and the napping of the sticks beneath the tires.

I had to constantly check over my shoulder to make sure I wouldn't be hit with anymore unknown objects. As I watched the sticker bushes fly past me, I faintly heard Colton yelp something. I thought nothing of it until the gravity shifted and I could feel the font of the quad lift up. My stomach wrenched and dropped to my feet and I clinched onto the metal rack for my dear life. I looked down and gazed in awe as the back tires lifted up off the ground. I could feel the seat underneath me sliding backwards. I glanced back and saw a huge mound that must have been what catapulted us into orbit.

Adrenaline was running through my veins like high-octane fuel through a car. My sweaty hands were losing touch with the metal rack, which were the only...