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Viet Tien has done well so far in establishing a strong presence in the Viet Nam's men shirt market. Strong competitor have been catching up and it is necessary for Viet Tien to re-evaluate its current strategies and plans on how to keep ahead in the race.

1) SWOT Analysis of Viet Tien Company:


High skills and productivity: Viet Tien has a contingent workforce who had been trained and worked for a long time.

Broad network of agents: more then 400 agents and shops and supermarket chains

Low labour cost.

Viet Tien had received much support from the corporation. Because Viet Tien is is a company within the state-owned Vietnam National Textile And Apparel Group

Larger size: Viet Tien has flexbile size for different type people from size 32 to 48.


Marketing policies poor: lack of marketing strategies and supporting activities.

Inflexible price polices: there is not much promotion in product's price.

Materials of garment were imported so that make price of products higher.

Product and pattern are not designable. Very less design style.


Viet Nam is a developing economy so that easily to expand the business.

High possibility to increase sales and boost profit margins as Viet Tien's shirt is a high margin product

More local suppliers of fabrics and accessories.

Viet Tien shirt - increasing demand for beautiful clothes-a young category should apply.

High GDP growth correlate with higher income and spending power


Competitors' aggressive growth strategies.In garment market, Viet tien's shirt is growing very fast and holding market share

Vietnam economic likely to affect local economy & growth potential. More economical brands trying to cater for lower market segments. The price of men shirt may low down.

Potential competitors - local manufacturers and new players entering Vietnam post WTO -...