Waiting for love

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Waiting for Love

Love is an emotion that can be expressed in many different ways. From giving a rose to giving away virginity, love unveils precious gifts. Although roses and candies are sweet romanticisms, the ultimate expression of love is sharing the most prized possession of all: the body. But in today's world, however, love is rarely present when two people decide to have sex. It seems as though raging hormones have overridden true affection. In a world where the heart should reign supreme over the verdict of the body, a weak heart often yields to the desire of a lustful body. The heart should be stronger than the body; there is no way two people should participate in sexual intercourse unless pure love is the driving force of action.

Sex, which used to be a very intimate subject, is highly publicized in the world today. Love and sex are frivolously displayed on television shows that mock the sanctity of honest, pure love.

Comedies and dramas such as, "Sex and the City" devote their entire shows trying to persuade their audience, young and old, that sex is insignificant and can be shared with anyone. These shows highly mutilate the meaning of sex. Sex is not a game, and is meant to be shared between those in serious, monogamous relationships. But with the way the world is today, it is hard to distinguish at times what a serious relationship is supposed to be. Sex can not be shared with any random person and be meaningful. When shared with the person that is loved it makes all the difference in the world. The Bible goes as far as to establish that sex should only be shared between husband and wife.

The feeling and self-satisfaction one receives when waiting for...