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The Lake Erie water snake is one of many endangered species. Endangered species are animals and plants that are in danger of becoming extinct. Identifying, protecting and restoring endangered species is the primary objective of the Wildlife Service's endangered species program.

Here are some interesting facts about the Lake Erie water snake that I find interesting and helpful for people to know.

Scientific Name - Nerodia sipedon insularum Appearance - Lake Erie water snakes are gray in color and resemble the closely related northern water snake, but often can be recognized because they do not have the body markings, or have only a light version of those patterns. These snakes grow to1 to 3 feet in length and are not deadly due to the fact that they are not poisonous.

Habitat - The snakes live on the cliffs and shorelines of limestone islands.

Reproduction - Snakes are born in mid-August and September.

The average litter size is 23 snakes.

Feeding Habits - The snakes usually eat on fish and amphibians.

Range - Lake Erie water snakes live on a group of limestone islands in western Lake Erie that are located about one mile from the Canada. All Lake Erie water snakes that live on these islands are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Other water snakes that live on the Ohio mainland, Mouse Island, and Johnson's Island are not protected under the Endangered Species Act, only Lake Erie water snakes.

How are these Snakes Becoming Endangered species ? The population of the Lake Erie water snakes have declined because of the destruction of their habitat by development, shoreline alterations and humans killing them.