Which Of Your Five Senses Would You Give Up And Why?

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"Which one of your five senses will you give up? Tell me now otherwise I kill you!"� shouted a crazy man to me while threatening me with a knife.

"What's wrong with you? Ok let me think and I will tell you!"� I can see the world, hear music, taste and smell food and touch whatever surrounds me. Surely, no one would ever want to cease to enjoy one of the above senses but if I was told that I have to give up one I would choose touch.

Vision is extremely significant, it is not used only when we wish to see something instantaneously but also to remember what we have seen. We can remember the color of our door, the space around our front door, the design of our house e.t.c. Vision gives color and therefore animation in our lives but it is certain that some people throughout history would have wished never to have seen what happened in front of their eyes(Holocaust, Vietnam"¦.)

Sight is attached to all our activities, everything involves it and it is arduous for someone to decide to abandon this sense. It is characteristic that in ancient times-Egypt- people were blinded by the Pharaoh as a torture and then were left alive. They did not kill them so as to suffer in their whole life.

Daily, we hear the world moving around us; cars, music, comments"¦Mainly it is hearing that lets us communicate with the people that surround us. We learn the news, meet new persons and make friends, state our opinions, since we have heard what the topic is about, and in this way our individualism to emerge. In addition we become acquainted with novel ideas and thereupon meet new perspectives of the world. It is the hearing that gives voice to our mind, soul and makes us capable of acting and expressing our feelings.

As far as taste and smell are concerned, I believe that both have more to do with reminiscence. For instance, the smell of my grandma's cookies and that my toys remind me of my childhood. Smell serves as a guide to a journey back in time where people, situations and memories become alive in front of the eyes of my mind. Also, even if one shuts our eyes and takes us to a gas station, we are still able to recognize where exactly we are. Smell along with vision aids to realize our position in space and to bring our mind back in time as well as to places we have visited. The latter is also found in the area of taste. With taste we are able to decide what food we like, to distinguish the bitter from the sweet, the salted from the unsalted. Without taste everything would taste the same and therefore the task of feeding ourselves would be monotonous. The breakfast, the supper, the meal, all of them would have the same taste and I wonder if anyone will be able to continue living for a long time under such circumstances.

Hence, the sense that has been left is touch. On my part, I choose to give up this sense because touching is something voluntary, no one obliges us to touch but all the other senses are done just because they are needed to be done. For example, it is our choice to touch the cat and feel its texture but it is not our choice to see or hear the world. Touching helps us to realize our environment but if we have the sighting then touching is not needed. Touching gratifies and assuages only our curiosity, to reassure that what we see exists and it is not our illusion.

"All right, I would give up touching."� I replied while shaking from fear.

Then, he suddenly turned his face and left me behind. Upon reaching home, I read (sight) the title of a newspaper: "Psyche man questions about senses"�