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Why Young Kids Join Gangs

When was the last time you were able to turn on the news and not hear about some sort of violent act? Crime is a growing concern amongst most cities, and street gangs are behind a lot of the trouble. Street gangs have plagued the streets for centuries and there is no stopping the urge to commit such hideous crimes. Gangs grow from recruiting young kids but what makes a kid

Decide to join a crime filled lifestyle.

The gang life contains many negative aspects including the most notorious reason for violence, drugs (Wilson23). Getting high seems appealing to many students but with the excitment of getting high comes the responsibility of buying and selling the drugs. The biggest reason for a gang to start would be drugs (Miller29) . Marijuana might seem like a harmless drug but it can be the most dangerous drug to start doing (Wilson17).

When someone smokes marijuana it attracts them to use other drugs and these addictions need gang support (Lang24). Addictions attract young kids to this lifestyle to keep themselves supplied with drugs.

With the drug lifestyle comes the violent aspect of it. Violence is important to gangs because it draws fear in the eyes of those who try to stand up to them (Lang15). Violence is the worst aspect of gang life because it keeps getting worse as gangs keep growing larger (Newton67). Violent acts are the biggest reason society has a negative outlook on gang life.

But young gang members don't start out using violent acts to get attention but by simple crimes like shoplifting. Even though shoplifting is a crime that puts people in jail, it seems like an easy way for attention for young kids (Lang43). Shoplifting is also a very addicting activity because...