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I About three and-a-half years ago I felt the need to change gardeners. The man who had been doing my small property didn't want to do it my way, no matter how I tried. A couple of weeks had gone buy since his final visit and the grass was scraggly and the bushes going wild. Like most people who work the hours I do and who have no lawn care equipment, I needed help. A man and his family did a yard about six houses west of me and their yard always looked great. I caught him driving away from that job one day and asked him if he could possibly do my yards. Almost immediately that I approached his truck I had misgivings. He spoke limited English and was sharing a very crowded little half-ton Toyota truck with his wife, three kids and a baby of about two years.

But he said he could do the yards right then, and I was sort of desperate.

He walked around the property with me while I gave him an idea of what I wished. He said $20.00 and I agreed. Well, his wife and oldest daughter got out of the truck, followed by a slightly younger sister, a younger boy and the 3 year old. They hit my place like a herd of ants. In about 40 minutes everything was done perfectly and the place had never looked so good! I gratefully paid him $30.00 (everything had been so overgrown that I knew it was way worse than normal) and asked if he could possibly take care of the property weekly. He gave me a dynamite price and I gladly accepted.

Over the next few months I paid more attention to Juan and his family. Juan and I talked some...