Why Bush Does Not Make A Good President

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Why Bush Does Not Make A Good President After seeing how current President George W. Bush is handling himself in office, I have come to the conclusion that this man should not be president of our country. He is not trustworthy, smart, or determined.

First off, the man is not trustworthy. He has broken campaign promises already and has not even completed a fourth of his term. How could he be trustworthy after that? Second of all, I don't find Mr. Bush to be very intellectual. Don't you think a President should be? His C grades in college prove it. A C means average...does America want an average President? I think not! Last of all, he is not determined. This is proved by how he took a month off from his job! A month? Yes, a month! My cousin doesn't even do that and she works at White Hen. And Mr.

Bush is the President of our country and he takes a month off. There is no determinition there.

So in conclusion, George W. Bush should not be the President of our country. This is just my opinion, but I think many across the nation share it with me.