Why Did The Drinking Age Change From 18 To 21?

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Throughout this semester I have learned an extensive amount of information about a subject that affects me profoundly almost in my everyday life. Even though I started off thinking this would be another boring essay we had to write, I have become much more interested in my argument and have learned many new useful writing methods. In this bibliography, I shall strive to properly and accurately annotate my sources to the best of my ability.

When I began conducting research for this project, I commenced the way I invariably do. I started by searching the internet for topics related to my own. From there I would scan the articles to affirm its relevancy to my report. If it was sufficient and apropos, a more in-depth examination was initiated which involved incorporating the information into my report. Four days is a good idea of the duration I spent researching my sources.

I am convinced that there was enough thorough and adequate data to back me up.

The composition of this annotated bibliography is well structured and abides by the guidelines stated in the Modern Language Association's Writer's Handbook. I shall begin by listing each one of my sources with as much citation as provided. This will be accompanied with a detailed description of the article and author, accuracy of the facts and its pertinence to the report.

"Lower the Drinking Age". Ed. James Yeh. The Michigan Review. University of Michigan. 9 December 1998 Encompassed in this article were statistics that proved to be vital to my report. It confabulates about the potential of a lowered drinking age and some suggested procedures that would help in acquiring it. The dangers of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol for a twenty-first birthday celebration are discussed, along with interesting facts that make my thesis sound...