Why Friendship Ends

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When a friendship ends There were a few reasons I got from my interviews why friendships end. Some of the reasons that we talked about friendship ending were changes in people's personality and distance. As people grow, they change, and we can't always change with them. People see their priorities differently as they grow up. From changes like from music to girls, a change like this can greatly affect the existence of a band, when one member wants to leave to spend more time with his girlfriend.

I conducted three interviews. One with my friend Mike, one with my older cousin, and one with another friend of mine. I asked questions like Where did you meet that friend"¦How close were you"¦.Who's idea was it to end the friendship"¦Do you regret having this person as a friend.

All three agreed that having friends is very important. All three said that, even though they may not be on good terms with that friend now, the experience was definitely worth while.

The most frequent reason given for the ending of a friendship was when both people, in their personalities and in their actions, change too much for the other person to keep up with.

All three people gave that answer to the question Why did your friendship end? Therefore I was not surprised. I learned many valuable things from this interview. Friends develop when two people realize that they have much in common. Because of that, it is hard to develop really good friends who live far away, because spending time with each other, doing activities that are enjoyable to both, are an important aspect of friendship. In the same was, once you have a friend, it is difficult to keep that friendship strong when one or both people has to move a distance away and separate the friendship.

Another important thing that exists in a friendship (a good one) is trust. This isn't the king of trust that a wife should have in her husband when he takes a 3 week business trip to Japan, This is the simple everyday trust that shows your friend that he/she is important and that you are thinking of their feelings, and you want the best of them.