Why has abortion become such a political issue? Who should have the final say?

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Why has abortion become such a political issue? Who should have the final say?

It is hard to imagine a more troublesome, emotional decision for a woman, than whether to end a pregnancy or to let it proceed and bear a child. It is hard to imagine how anyone could believe someone had the right to prevent a woman from making that decision for herself.

To qualify for an abortion in New Jersey, a woman must be over 18 or have a parent or guardian over the age to escort her. A woman must be in good health and less than 63 days away from her last menstrual period. Abortion in the United States of America is still overwhelmingly a phenomenon of young, unmarried women the majority, or them is teenagers.

Every woman has the fundamental right to decide for herself, free from government interference, whether or not to have an abortion.

Today more than ever, American families do not want the government to trample on their right to privacy by mandating how they must decide on the most intimate, personal matters. Carol Moseley-Braun quoted from Newsweek said, "The decision to bear children is a very personal and private one not a matter for the government to dictate."

Abortion has become a political and legal issue. The Congress, the State Legislature and the Supreme Court have made it so. The question is: Do you really want politicians taking control of a woman's most private decision about what to do with her body? All politicians can do is just pass laws. If they make abortion illegal, if they make it a crime, that means pregnant women, their doctors and nurses will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. Some people even want the politicians to make abortion into the most serious...