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  • Hmmm

    nice work.... more useful for a 11th grade to me!!
    • 03/01/2005
    • 13:04:21
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  • Good

    interesting and true, very true. the article above is tru about how most people dont even care about the pollution etc, good article i like it!
    • 31/12/2004
    • 04:59:37
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  • Oh my god

    OMG this is so facinating, i love it, i was doing tis back a few months ago and if someone was to produce a exquisite piece of work like u, then that would have been an A*, congratulaitons!!
    • 15/12/2004
    • 08:04:13
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  • Excellent

    i agree with the other comment u must get a pat on the back, im from bangladesh and i didnt know all this stuff you wrote about, its clearly written out.WELL DONE!
    • 15/12/2004
    • 07:59:51
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  • Gud

    This is a good piece of work no matter what others say, i like u decriptive conclusion and u got a gud list of the aparatures!
    • 15/12/2004
    • 07:57:25
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  • Usefull stuff!!

    You have written extensivly about how photosynthesis is effected by light intensity, i done this in school a while ago and got good marks your is better so i give u 10/10..gud work!
    • 21/10/2004
    • 08:03:46
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  • Aids in Africa

    I like this artical it provides a good insight into how africa is survivng and talks about the past and future tense.HIV and AIDS are very bad things which apperently is common in africa, this essay gives facts/numbers into how many people have the disease!!
    • 19/10/2004
    • 14:26:47
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  • Great loada info...

    A lot of facts and figures, sounds about right... It's not an essay tho really... is it? Hey, dont get me wrong, its useful stuff I'm sure... but just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Isn't all this stuff on the UN website?Hey... hold on... did you just copy all this and paste it here... did ya... well...??Hmmm...
    • 21/02/2004
    • 21:22:38
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  • Excellent Subject...

    I have been meaning to finish my essay about this - I didn't actually realise it was refered to as "blind spots". This a very interesting area to read about - I think there are more people than obvious who can relate to what is being talked about here. I certainly can.I have been close to people and have discovered or atleast sensed they are hiding another part to them. Concealing certain parts of who they are/ if someone were to reveal their hidden sides it could almost seem like a split personality or something. In most cases this "other side" to a person is in the form of their thoughts - like the author says here - its like unshared fantasies or ideas.Anyway, great subject - I think its a bit short... I mean you could go very deep into this and explore links to how it affects people. But hey, I suppose I can write about all that in my essay, which I will be finishing very soon, hopefully.
    • 25/03/2003
    • 19:52:14
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  • Hinduism... Interesting

    This is a good essay in the sense that it is informative, however I am not a follower and do not understand how people make up their own god for each material thing!I mean, theres 63,000 gods?! The word "god" itself is supposed to mean something big - like it is refered to someone being supreme. Why is there a need for 63,000 gods in one religion? Does that mean that there are millions of followers who don't even know like 62,500 of the gods name or what they do?Then u have the god of love, who is dead?! Eh.. a god can die? And the gods fight and kill eachother? hmmm, not a god example to us human beings then is it?What I'm wondering is whether Hinduism has confused the word "god" with just fighters and maybe leaders in the past. People who fought and maybe died have become legends and then exaggerated into greater things!!Oh and before I forget, Hinduism also has a god who committed incense?! He married his sister?! Errr, so gods have brothers and sisters now and they marry eachother!? People are too damn right not to worship it/him/her!!It all sounds like a British soap - a cross between Eastenders and Brookside! The rest sounds like Power Rangers, Final Fantasy or something, sorry no offence - but I just can't come to terms with how people can believe this stuff. Well, maybe its the way it is written - but I sure wouldn't follow a religion after reading all that about it!Personally, I think there are only three true religions which make sense and they are Christianity, Islam (Muslim), and Judaism. I think those religions were meant for true peace and a way of life - only, people have interpreted things their own way and created hatred.Still, it's an interesting essay - sounds like you have experienced it yourself - I would be interested to read a response to my comment from the author.BTW. If some of what I wrote doesn't make sense, then worry not, coz I'm a bit high.
    • 14/03/2003
    • 20:54:53
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  • Mice and Men

    Great book, I read it while I was at school and reading your essay kinda brought back some memories. It is a brief "bookreport" more than an essay and pretty much sums up the storyline and the themes covered.I do think you can improve it by entending and explaining each character a little bit more in-depth. I don't think Lennies' character is fully described, he was a bit slow to say the least. He had a big build and was very strong. However he had the mentality and innocense of a young child.Other than that, I think this is a good book report, well done.
    • 13/03/2003
    • 20:12:13
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  • Moon Landing!!

    I have to agree with "iruser" and "serpentina", the author has definately been able to show his strong feelings about the matter. Regardless of the poor grammer, I think this still makes for a good essay.The facts that the author has put forward is very interesting. Like with many other things (ie. World Trade Center/ 9.11) I think this is another little american conspiracy. As you can see, there are many things that just don't add up - and NASA cannot answer certain questions to prove their side of things!There are similarities with the 9/11 situation. There are soo many questions that have been avoided and no explination given as to why there weren't any jewish people in the building on 9/11 (even though about 40% or something of the work force in the WTC were jews).
    • 25/02/2003
    • 21:04:12
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  • Happy Valentines Day!!

    This is a very interesting paper, I had no idea about why people celebrate Valentines Day. I never really put much thought into it. It didn't even strike me that there might be some history behind it.In fact this is the first time I've come across anything about Valentines Day, and this story is very interesting. I think you will find that you have covered a very uncommon subject here. You have done some research and written the story out well.Well done.
    • 30/01/2003
    • 22:33:07
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  • Windows XP Advert!!

    This is a very well written essay! In fact it sounds like an advert for Windows XP - almost like how Microsoft would describe it. Are you sure you didn't rip this from a magazine review or something like that? If not, then maybe you should write reviews for someone like!!Anyway, I agree with a lot of that. WinXP is very aesthetically pleasing, it has a lot of noticable changes in comparison to recent OS releases from Microsoft. Probably the thing I like msot about it is the fact that the entire system no longer crashes when a progam crashes - it works around little hiccups like that.As for security, it is based on the NT structure like you say, so yes it is much better than WinME and 98 etc. Even the way you can login (profile style) is quite a nice feature - just looks and feels good about how you switch users and have file protection so other users on the same system can't access what is not theirs.
    • 29/01/2003
    • 00:10:09
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  • Nuclear Weapons...

    With the threat of Nuclear attacks and all this talk of War in Iraq this essay makes a very interesting read. A lot of facts, quoted very well too.Also, I think the awareness of such things has hieghtened, however the bad thing is that it is done through Iraq - by Bush and his puppy dogs (Blair in particular). It is almost as if they (Iraq) are being made scapegoats - when it is all plain obvious that all Bush wants is Oil and control over the middle-east. He know's also that talking about and making Iraq look as if they posses such desctructible weapons - will make him look a good leader, increase his popularity amongst his country and also at the same time make a good business deal with other silly world leaders - at the expense of a War.Errr... why is it that no one is questioning why other countries, Isreal in particular, are allowed to posses much more dangerous weapons of mass destruction - in fact they ae supported by the US!
    • 28/01/2003
    • 23:41:28
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  • [ Author Comment ]

    I've recieved a few messages about this essay so... just to make it clear, this essay is only based on Chapter Four from the book Accidental Empires and not the entire book.It is a really good book to read, I don't read many books but I found this to be quite interesting, even if you're remotely interested in the world of computers and IT. It is very witty and quite fun at times, especially when it involves descriptions of people like Bill Gates.I recommend it to anyone who is studying any Computer related subjects.
    • 28/01/2003
    • 23:18:10
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  • Hey! 4/5 ain't that bad!!

    Not many people have rated this essay so what do you mean they're rating it all bad!! besides this is a very well written essay. I think "tachycardic4u" says most of what wanted to say - and yeah I'm one of those with limited philosophical knowledge. However, I am always interested in reading essays like these, I have a friend who studies Philosophy so I get to read a few now and again.Anyway, back to your essay, well done - it made an interesting read.
    • 28/01/2003
    • 23:12:58
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  • Nice simple descriptions...

    These facts about viruses can be very useful to memorise if you are doing some kind of computing course, exam questions usually ask about these things and sometimes you know what it is but can't describe it properly.Another fact is that there are laws against such acts as making and causing damage using viruses - the Computer Misuse Act of 1990 - as well as other conventional and specific laws.- Under such laws it is a criminal offence to cause damage or intent to cause damage to computer systems... viruses fall into this category - and often their causes can be very damaging and more sinister than it may appear!
    • 28/01/2003
    • 22:57:32
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  • Where u @?

    Some good points there, although you did miss out the conclusion. It's true that we rely heavily on computers these days, regardless of our knowledge in using them.I think atleast 99% of Computer related subjects will have a question somewhere in the course where you will have to argue the advatages and disadvatages of Computers - and these are pretty much the most obvious points everyone eventually comes up with at the end of the class.
    • 25/01/2003
    • 20:28:36
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  • Final Say... It's not so easy....

    Great paper, and yeah I agree that the government and politicians shouldn't really have a say in such a personal decision. However, they should provide guidlines and promote the thought of not getting into such a situation.Obviously not everyone follows the same beliefs... someone in such a situation may have different beliefs to that of the countries government - so that would also have to be taken into consideration, but NOT by politicians - but by those who are closely involved - "mother" and "father" so to say.However, I also think that each woman should not be able to have more than a set number of abortions... i mean if she can have unlimited then it becomes silly. Teenage girls would not care about it so much and would have the mentality in thinking "oh... hell... f*ck protection, if I get preggers then I can get rid of it anyway" - and we certainly don't that - do we. - Well that's my opinion anyway.
    • 25/01/2003
    • 20:13:08
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  • Modems and Speed...

    You have stated nice simple facts, very useful and interesting. Well done. However, just wondering where you got all your facts from... well they are accurate but I think you should note that ADSL or broadband to be more precise - became popular at a later time in terms of Europe, not sure when in the US tho.Also, ADSL as I say is broadband - and in the same category you have Cable and also satellite modems. All of which are very fast. The speed in terms of location differs a little. There are T1 (E1) T2, T3, Cable, DSL, ADSL, Satellite etc etc.
    • 24/12/2002
    • 18:48:56
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  • What is the Internet?

    Yeah, great job in describing the Internet. You have the history side of it and techinical/physical side of it as it is. To answer that question isn't as easy as it seems, I had a similar essay in my finals.You're right, the Internet has certainly changed the way we communicate. And I think it will continue doing so. The use of the Internet is increasing and the speeds at which we can access material on the Internet getting better. With 3G technology there will be broadband on mobile devices such as mobile phones!. This is already happening in Japan - you can actually access the net faster on a mobile phone than on some PCs with dial-up/.
    • 18/12/2002
    • 01:23:29
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  • It's a conspiracy!!

    Well, this is a very good arguement/essay. I can see it's been researched quite in-depth.However, I still think there is a conspiracy behind some of the terrorist attacks.Atleast 40% of the workers at the world trade center were Jewish, however it is a fact that there were no jews in the building that day - they all felt "like... not going into work today, just had a bad feeling" - what all of them?Then theres the mysterious un-marked fighter jets spotted by 6 residents living 3 miles apart - the jets were following a "small" private jet - which apparently was the "large" jumbo which crashed into the Pentagon according to CNN?! - Oh and how comes there were no wreckages of the plane at the pentagon? the news crew was there within minutes!!Well, anyway - there so much more and I can go on about why this! and why that! - but no one is gonna asnwer - so anyway - interesting essay, I might do my own soon.
    • 16/12/2002
    • 23:18:20
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  • Decriminalise - NOT Legalise

    I think it would be more sensible to talk about decriminalising cannabis rather than legalising it. I think this essay covers a lot of my arguements on the subject, but what people need to do is "understand" more about the drug before making stereotypical assumptions and comments.- Legalising cannabis would mean that it would be LEGAL for someone to "sell" OR "use" cannabis.- Decriminalising it would mean that it would still be ILLEGAL to sell it, however legal for personal use/possesion. Which, I would think is more sensible.By decriminalising it, you free up more time and resources for the police to actually catch and prosecute those who are flooding the streets with the drugs. However, if it is legalised, you could have local shops selling ready made joints!!! and we all know how hard it is to contain the sale of tobacco to underage children, so would it be much easier regulating the "legal" sale of cannabis?
    • 16/12/2002
    • 23:02:16
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  • True...

    I certainly agree that the Internet is just another way of collecting information on people. Just think how many different things you have put your name on - how many different sites ask you to register with them?!As for luxury - well think about it, if you were earning $90 a week and a student, you probably wouldnt worry too much about having access to the net for $40 a month! - instead you'd go ALL the way to your uni campus and use the free computers. But when you earn just that little extra, you somehow suddenly NEED the net at home. Yeah... great now you don't have to go all the way to Uni to access the net, but think about it - isn't that just a luxury?
    • 16/12/2002
    • 22:51:54
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  • Interesting

    Another great entry. Well explained and easy to understand, which makes a difference to how my DataComms lecturer would describe "networks" - lol.I've also used the IDT facility, it can very useful with these amazing mobile phones coming onto the market with IrD ports. The transfer speeds can be a little slow, however its amazin how far we've come tho.You can also buy IDT cards for laptops which allow you to network a number of laptops with any wiring. This is very useful especially if the point of the laptop - was to be "mobile" - with cables and NiC cards this was a pretty dull area before.
    • 16/12/2002
    • 22:45:36
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