Why we cant wait, Martin Luther King Jr. This is basically about the book, although I have thrown in a few desciptions of the times in which he lived, to better understand the era.

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A. Introduction

In discovering a lot about myself while reading this book, I opted to not do this as a usual book report. I couldn't bring myself to simply regergitate the issues in this book. So, rather than do that I chose to disect the book and then talk in depth about the time and the surroundings of when this book was written, and the stereotypes that still infect our lives.

B. Why We Can't Wait

While reading Dr. King's novel, I was able to get an uncensored idea of what African Americans went through in their struggle for civil rights. I cannot comprehend the extent to which they suffered while protesting, and it would be ignorant of me to think that I could. This book was essentially about the struggles of the African-Americans in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963. To be black, and in Alabama at that time was, "suicide" (MLK 134).

But they protested. They protested for everything that white America had and took for granted. They asked not for any special handouts, only the same rights and privileges that whites had. I can only hope this shameful part of our history is never repeated. I felt a sense of disgust and shame while reading about the events of the civil rights struggle in Alabama. How could people think that this kind of oppression was tolerable and that the African-Americans did not have a right and freedom to protest? I do not believe anyone, who has not been the victim of the extreme oppression that the blacks were victims of for hundreds of years, could understand why the civil rights movement was necessary at that time. Dr. King realized that you cannot wait for people to change their attitudes or beliefs, you can only help them see the error...