Why Young Ppl Smoke

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1.Why do young people smoke cigarettes? There are many reasons why young people smoke. Smoking cigarettes, for some people, is comforting: an easy escape from reality. People in general, are constantly hunting for the carefree enjoyment we enjoy in childhood. Anxiety, worry, not only depress us phychologically but physiologically. When a person is upset, his rhythm of breathing becomes up set too. Taking little breaths creates a heavy feeling in the chest. In some cases smoking may relieve depression by forcing a rhythmic expansion of the chest, restoring the normal pace of breathing. Smoking helps a lot of people to blow off steam. Breathing heavily and steadily, calms you down. Another topic is smoking mannerisms. Cigarettes hold more power than what they are credited to, and I am not talking completely about the addiction. Some of the appeals of a lit cigarette derive from the appeal of fire in general.

In some beliefs, fire is the symbol of life;. Possibly that flickering flame of romance. Many times cigarettes are depicted being smoked after having sex. At other times smoking a cigarette can be a sign of a aggression, like a little warning light,... just leave me alone. Although at other times, cigarettes can be a warm welcoming sign. These mannerisms can all change at a single flick of the wrist, or blow of smoke. Cigarettes are technically another way to express yourself, in whatever mood you may be in.