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Jeremy Flinn period 4/6 J. Corl Biography By examining W. R. Dantz it is evident that he did not want people to bother him so he used pen names such as W.R. Philbrick and William Philbrick.

Dantz was born in Boston in 1951. He is the eldest of four brothers. He was raised on Rye Beach along the New England coast. He attended Rye Beach public schools growing up. He wrote his first stories beginning in 6th grade. He kept this secret though because writing did not make a kid very popular.

At age 16, Dantz completed his first novel. The title of the book was " Freak The Mighty." It was inspired by one of his friends genius friend. The boys name was Max Kane. His voice was what Dantz heard in his head telling him the story of this genius kid.

These good memories helped Dantz write. He graduated in Portsmouth High school in 1969.

None of his teachers in high school wanted him to write fiction but Dantz was determined too. He wrote in the emulation of O. Henry. His science fiction that he wrote was inspired by Ray Bradbury. His parents finally found out he wrote stories. Dantz was not a genius kid but had talent in writing.

He attended the University of New Hampshire. He majored in English. His attention was lost and he dropped out after his sophmore year. He didn't find a publisher at first so he took up some part time jobs. He worked as a longshoreman, a carpenter and a boat builder. It took 11 years and 9 novels before he was finally published. His New York editor asked him to write young adult mystery novels. After being published for the first time he gave up all his part time jobs.

After publishing the novel in 1978 he married the love of his life in 1980. Her name was Lynn Harnett. With some of the money he made he opened the " Stone Church." A new market folkie beer joint. He now continues to write and lives in a nice apartment in New England.

Writing Books Dantz began his writing like most people in longhand. But using money from jobs he sent the works to the Writers Market. They would type it and return it to him. The typing would cost twenty five cents a page. The process took weeks sometimes even months to get back.

At the begining he wrote strictly genre novels. Then he moved to suspense novels which he had more success in publishing. In his books he used characters to narrate the story. His main goal was to challenge the reader in finding out the ending. He then wrote adult mysteries but these were more excepted by juveniles so they were moved down a reading level.

His adult genre novels were popular though and he wrote over a dozen of them. He also enjoyed writing detective novels. His book "Hunger" has no connection to the movie Deep Blue Sea. This was one of his best books and was an intense thriller. It was so admired that this is the second time it is out.

All of his books were inspired by someone or some event. Alot of his earlier writing were sent to magazines like the Newyorker, Amazing stories, and the Saturday Evening Post. Many of these were made into mini series on TV or into movies.

Dantz has wrote many books in his life. Although they may not be under this name he holds two pen names. Books like Max Mighty, The Fire Pony, Slow Dancer, and The House on Cherry Hill St. series which his wife helped him write. The next book out is Coffins which is a mystery/thriller.

Awards and Nominations Dantz has not been nominated too much for prestigious awards but has earned respect as a writer. He has nominations in the Shamus awards. He won best paperback detective novel with Crystal Blue Persuasion in 1988. Then in 1989 he won again with Tough Enough. In 1993 he won best novel with Brothers and Sinners.

Hobbies Dantz is a very informative and caring person. He loves to write commercial book mostly because of the money. He likes most of all to give advice to young people. He wants them to be a great next generation of writers. He like most men likes a good cigar. Also with growing up on the New England coast he loves to fish all over the world.

Misc. Dantz and Philbrick info.

No one really knows or has asked Dantz why he has pen names. He is always struggling to be a normal guy. He loves just hanging out with friends and his beer joint that he has opened. Although he loves writing as an art and talent, he thinks of it no more than anyone thinks of thier job, its a way to make money.

Dantz, William Philbrick, or W.R. Philbrick whatever you choose to call him is one of the many silent writers. He is one that has many unknown books that should get more recongnition and should be read due to their very detailed and interesting characteristics. Eventually he will come out of the mess of authors and stand above the rest.

The Book The book I read was Hunger by William R. Dantz, this is one of a few pen names that Rodman Philbrick uses to stay out of the public view. Philbrick is a very creative author who puts a lot of detail into his books.

A basic summary of the plot would be to say that danger stalks the Florida Keys, when six genetically engineered, killer sharks escape from a lab at Sealife Institute and make their way to the sea, hunting and killing anything and basically verything in their paths.

The book then goes into two marine biologist chasing them, at first only to return to the lab, but then problems erupt everywhere and now they are looking to kill the sharks. The killer sharks ruin the beautiful habitat for the fish around the Keys after being total eating machines seeming never to fill there appetites.

The two marine biologists lure the killing machine back towards the lab without thinking how much danger they have gotten themselves into. But by the help of three trained dolphins at the institute the biologists survive. The natural instinct of the dolphins to hit predators such as sharks in the stomach with their noses kill them instantly and all of the killing machines are killed but one of the dolphins sacrifices its life to protect the biologist. That is the story Hunger by W.R. Dantz.