Women at war

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Some people do not realize the efforts of women during war, or they just seem to assume that they were not as valuable compared to the men. I am going to look at why this is the case.

The role of women during the Second World War was to take up the duties previously done by men. Women worked on farms, in factories, became members of organizations such as Women's Royal Navy, Women's Royal Air Force and the Women's Home Defense. They dealt with the blackouts, the air raids, rationing and evacuation. This has been discussed in detail in the previous two questions.

The male role in the war was to go and fight. Any able man aged from 18 to 40 was made to join the armed forces. Older men worked for the Home guard, a civil defense union made to protect in case of a German invasion. Those men who were not able to go and fight did the same necessary jobs as women.

Men who done jobs which were required for the war effort, such jobs as coal miners, steel workers and people who worked for the government were kept working, doing their regular jobs.

I think that both men and women played an important role in the war. It is evident that it was a team effort and the war could not have been won without either sex. This is a point I have strongly argued in question one of the coursework. I know how terrifying and horrendous it must have been for men going out to fight. But I also believe that women must have felt the same with the anxiety of their loved ones being in battle, the dangers of working in factories making weapons and working in the Women's Home Guard, where they...