Workplace stress

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Workplace Stress

The fast pace of technology innovation is changing our workplace environment. Human and technological are two factors that make up today's workplace. The introduction of technology into our workplace contains both positive and negative impacts; technology in the workplace enhances productivity and efficiency, but it also increases stress in workplace. "A survey by the international training and development company Priority Management has found that new technology is making people more stressed in the workplace and at home." (Fraser, 1998) As traditional agricultural and industrial jobs are disappearing, employees need to adapt to the intellectually much more demanding jobs of the technology society. Many of them are lacking the necessary educational background; they often feel overwhelmed and stressed by the changes in their workplace environment.

The article "Technostress in the Workplace Managing Stress in the Electronic Workplace" written by Peter E. Brillhart, discussed personal and organizational strategies to deal with both stress itself and the subset technology stress.

In this article, the author defined technology stress in the workplace as our reaction to technology, how we are changing due to its influence, and personal stress generated by reliance on technology devices. (Brillhart, 2004) Indeed, the increase in technology associated with workplace production has increased the stress level for workers; they are feeling more stressed with the possibility of losing documents due to computer crashes, a barrage of phone calls, voice-mail and e-mail messages, videoconferences, and the implications for worker skills and training requirements. Employees leave with little or no time to focus and the possibility to actually enjoy work. They have a hard time feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. "The problem of job stress has become so ubiquitous and so severe it is now described by the United Nations' International Labor Organization as...