How the Works of William Blake, John Lennon, and Pablo Neruda Are All Connected to the Word "Vision."

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I have never been very vocal about my opinions. I've always believed that the best way to avoid conflict and hostility is to stay quiet and try not to discuss topics that may be controversial. Although I still don't discuss my ideals with very many people, one particular event that occurred in my life while I was in eighth grade convinced me that it is crucial for everybody to have an idea of a perfect world so that they can work to see that idea fulfilled for the benefit of everyone. My Academic Stretch teacher had entered everybody in the class into a contest where all the participants were required to write an essay about what could be done to make the United States a better place to live. While the majority of my classmates sought only to finish writing the paper as soon as possible, I used the assignment as an opportunity to finally express my passionate feelings about world affairs and to present my vision of a perfect society.

I spent hours trying to compact my complicated beliefs in order to keep my essay within the five hundred word limit and I was somewhat disappointed with the fact that I had to leave some content out, but on the whole, I was pleased with the way my paper had turned out and I was proud of myself for mustering the courage to express my vision. Although I did not win the contest, my essay was recognized as an honorable mention and I had the honor of attending an award ceremony held by the VFW. More significantly, however, I came to realize how important it is for people to never let go of their ideals and to let their vision of a better world guide them through life.