World war one gave greater equality for women?

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World war one gave greater equality for women?

Our opinion is that yes world war 1 did improve equality for women as they gained suffrage right after world war one, got a taste of domestic equality and many other changes but these were not all started off by WW1 most were the cause of the feminism campaign started in the mid 19th century

Before WW1 women had few rights, some women made their underwear's from grocer's bag and some made prams from orange boxes, but the Great War contributed greatly to the change that gave women equal rights. Their views towards life changed or improved. By the middle of the 19th century women were demanding equality with men. They wanted suffrage -the right to vote in elections- and an equal to work and get educated. They demanded the right to have their own possessions, to divorce their husband, and to keep their children after divorce [1].

The fight for women's rights was also called feminism, and involved many dedicated women. Some of these changes lead to WW1.

During WW1 the women worked the factories to keep the family going while the men fought. They proved women could also provide for the family while add to the economy. [2a] they also set in motion dilution which was strongly opposed by the trade unions particularly in engineering and ship building industries. [2b] but in accordance to the agreement arranged with the trade unions, women undertaking jobs in WW1 lost them after the war[3a]. In 1918 British women over 30 gained the right to vote [3b].

Many worked as nurses, and they served in hospitals overseas. They had to follow the soldiers to the front lines and help them when needed-and they needed help all the time. Those nurses who did serve on...