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World Wide Fund

The World Wide Fund (WWF) is among the world's major charitable organizations. The WWF is committed to nature conservation and advanced the quality of the life on earth. A number projects have been initiated by the WWF all around the world which shows its struggle for conservation of nature. A number of these projects might have been efficient and successful, but others proved to have less positive outcomes. The WWF was founded on Sept 11, 1961, by a group of scientists, advertising and public relations experts. In the 1980s the WWF grew from a small organization to a big non-governmental international organization. Today, the WWF is involved in a number of projects all around the world for conservation of nature.

One of the concerns of WWF is destruction of forests for the production of palm oil. According to some statistics, palm oil scoreboard island Indonesia has registered a remarkable increase in past few years.

The use of palm oil is increasing rapidly and according to (Donald 2004) it is the second most consumed edible oil globally and, per unit area, the highest-yielding vegetable oil crop.

Under pressure from environments and retailers about the demolition of forests for the production of palm oil, multinational consumer goods organizations formed the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2003. Unilever which is the largest single buyer of palm oil also played an important role in the foundation of RSPO. The WWF, which was involved in the formation of the RSPO, defended the scheme.

Over the past 20 years there has been a major change in global conservation organizations and the WWF has no exception. For working with specific high-profile species which in danger of extinction such as pandas, tigers or elephants the WWF now...