A wreck for life an accident that could of been avoided from the major tradegies.

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Wreck for life

Have you ever been through a situation where you thought your life was about over? I have been there, and it is no fun! A car wreck is a real pain and it can hurt someone very deeply, especially when people lose a loved one in a tragic accident. For so long I have blamed myself for this really bad tragedy. In time I began to understand that you can't blame yourself for things that happen to you. After a while I began to understand those things do happen for a reason in life. Either it happens today, tomorrow, or even later on in life. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. So live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it.

It all began early one Thanksgiving morning back in 1987. I woke up early that morning and began to start my day like any other kid would, not knowing what the day had in store for him.

I asked my Dad to see if we could go pick up my first cousin and his family Robbie, Megan, and Sherry to see if they would come and eat with us for Thanksgiving. My Dad kept telling me no! I kept begging and pleading with him. Finally he gave in and said yes that we would go. So my Dad and I went to get ready. Once we arrived at their house, my Dad began to talk to Robbie. He asked him if they would like to come and eat Thanksgiving dinner with the family and us. He said no! My Dad asked him if he was sure. Robbie said yes! Robbie said that he had too much going on. I overheard them talking, so I went in and asked him myself.