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Sam Hultier takes time out to explore and analyse Gregor Jordan's cinematic work of genius of his latest film 'Two Hands', captivating the audience deep into the marginalised discourses that have moulded and formed the present-day Australian culture.

'Two Hands' is seen to have an obvious Australian touch to its structure. The dialogue is laid back and relaxed, the settings are not particularly glamorous or appealing given that the film is set in the neighborhood of Kings Cross- the red light district of Sydney. However there is definitely something different about this film in comparison to others that have come before it, possibly a new type of texture to the film's genre. 'Two Hands' doesn't continually aim to win audiences over; it merely follows its narrative to the end without having a look behind to see whether the audience is still there watching.

There have been many films that have come out of Australia that have tried to accomplish what Gregor Jordan's movie two hands has achieved successfully. In the film the working classes are in due course presented as marginalized characters and are not in complete control of their own lives. This can be seen through the filmic techniques used throughout the film. One of the most dominant discourses that are evident in the film 'Two Hands' is that of fate which also ties in with karma

Gregor Jordan (Director/ Writer of 'Two Hands') has portrayed all of the characters in the film as being apart of some kind of crime syndicate, which is run by 'Pando' (Bryan Brown). Pando is the local crime boss of the criminal underworld in King's Cross and no one is a big time crook until you have done a couple...