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For my project, I am producing a brochure to advertise computer systems and mobile phones. This is because our company, Electronics 'R' Us, are becoming bankrupt and we need more money to keep the company running even though we believe that this company has the potential to make a large amount of profit. So the purpose of this brochure is to advertise our products to as many people as we can and once they hear of our great deals they will buy our goods straight away. The computers we will be advertising would range from hi-tech computers to low-tech computers. The mobiles we advertise will only be 3rd generation phones.

This brochure will have a title page that will be colourful to attract the reader's attention. The title page will also have the name of our business and the writing 'computers and mobile phones'. The centre pages will all be about our products split into three sections, one for low-tech computers, hi-tech computers and the last for 3rd generation phones.

The back page will contain all the contact details of our company so that if there are any issues that might crop up they can get through to us straight away.

This brochure is aimed towards the UK market but more specifically people that want to get a new computer or mobile. The computer section would mainly be aimed towards adults because all our computers would cost too much for children to buy. Also adults are the ones that would buy the computer systems we put in this brochure. The mobile phone part will be aimed towards both adults and children, as they are not that expensive compared to computers.

Hopefully, if this brochure will become a success, it will boost our company from making a...