Writing Is Traveling: Destination Unknown

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In order to even start this essay one has to understand the true essence of writing. People think it is just scribbling text on a piece of paper, but in fact it is much more. Writing is actually a form of communication and can be thought of as a time machine because we can go where ever our imagination takes us and we can see what some people see by simply reading what they wrote.

Imagine all the possibilities one has when writing. By just a few simple moves of the wrist we can find ourselves in any part of the world at any time. One can explore the pyramids of Egypt, climb Mount Everest, see the sunken continent Atlantis, describe how Zagreb looked in the past, how it looks now and how it will look like in the future. Through writing we are able to know almost every detail from our past because somebody wrote it down.

People can share their ideas, educate others and explain many things by merely writing a book. When one reads an book he or she can imagine and almost see the plot of the book before one's eyes and by doing that travel over great distances spanning from a few millimetres to several light years and from the far past to the distant future. An expect of writing to which I am especially fond of is the possibility to create a totally new world full of magic and fantasy, to create a entirely new civilisation and to shape as you please by merely moving a pen over the paper or typing on the keyboard. By doing so writing becomes an upgrade of our imagination and fantasy because we are able to show it to other people in a "touchable" form and sow let them gaze in the depth of our soul. I also think that one prospers when he or she reads the things that other people wrote because by doing that we assimilate or adapt a piece of their knowledge, to experience their life and to understand their soul.

As you can see writing has no limits, expect for the occasional lack of paper, pens or a computer, to bound man to only one place, to one branch of knowledge. Writing is a great voyage which final destination is unknown.