A Year Offline

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A Year Offline

Over the past couple of years technology has vastly improved and has sent us into a more advanced state of being. We can converse with our peers while we're far apart, complete business transactions over the internet, and even talk to our significant others while being in different countries. Paul Miller is a journalist and a senior editor at The Verge. Miller embarked on a challenge that would seem very difficult to anybody who currently spends most of their days online. He started a journey that would not allow him to use the internet for a whole year. This would mean that he wouldn't be allowed to check emails, send texts, and even go on social networks.

I admire him because I would never be able to something like that. I, as well as most of the people I know have been completely submerged into the internet and social media that it is awkward to actually go out and talk to people without pulling out my phone and scrolling through twitter or Instagram throughout the conversation.

Miller had to go back to actually conversing with people and not having anything to pull out and look at during awkward moments.

One of the main problems with being detached from the internet would have to be the boredom. Most people usually spend most of their days online. I know that when I get back from class the first thing I do is look through all of my social media apps. Then I check and set my fantasy lineups and pretty much spend the rest of the day reading articles talking to people, and playing internet games. Paul Miller said that this problem was devastating and that to fill his time he spent...