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Cultural Awareness

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"Washable Wools Profitability"

t the day. With the days of "One hour martinizing" on every street block all but gone away, today's businessperson is mindful of the costs and difficulties of a 'dry clean only' garment. I believe the ... eself and the world to take the extra time in caring for washable wool suits. I believe the average businessperson would willingly take the time to wash and care for their suits, considering the alter ...

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Is There Extraterrestrial Life Out There?

is wife the details; she eventually told a well-known businessman about the incident. This made the businessperson immediately visit the alien's body, which he took many photographs, and they were pub ...

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Web Summary, Internationl Business

lar case is noted whereby a western response to a question causes severe embarrassment to the Asian businessperson.For the final assignment the article is a useful resource for exploring the differenc ...

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Code of Ethics

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Do mobile phones affect our health ?

mately 20 years. It has completely changed the way we now communicate between one another. From the businessperson who uses the mobile phone as a vital link with the office, to the teenager who has th ...

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The Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas

or discussion in certain areas of life and also a topic that one cannot help it but to discuss. The businessperson that understands that there are over 500 other ethnicities or cultures besides their ... wanting to outsource their employees with the hopes of getting less expensive labor, the successful businessperson now has no other choice but to accurately and respectfully understand not only how th ...

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The Creative Process of a Genius

ors were not artist or painters they were businessmen. His father wanted him to become a successful businessperson; however, a family of stonecutters raised Michelangelo, which made him interested in ...

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Al Gore

Al Gore is known as a businessperson, an author, former journalist, an environmentalist, but most importantly a politician ...

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