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TO (blank) or not to (blank) that is the question

ll be without choice that I sufferI could leave this treacherous place,Which makes me think of deathAnd continue to a place of tortureYet I don't know if there is such a placeSo it is when life turns ... rstThat I decide to place my bets that there will be no such placeOr should I wait this anger, pain and suffering outIs there anything to wait for?Will this get any better?Is there a reason to stay ar ...

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back. This is especially common in children who are delayed from walking.Occasionally, neurological conditions occur due to Achondroplasia. In infancy, hydrocephalous (An abnormal accumulation of flui ... asia and normalize growth. The only practiced treatments are those to relieve some of the secondary conditions that Achondroplasia causes such as hump on the back, etc. This is not one of the most ser ...

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ndTurn up the music cause she likes the soundShe looks around the room every1 is therepeople notice and begin 2 stareShe's awake all night, people's asleepThere's not a sound, not even a peepShe doesn ... t long ago there was a mob of people gatheringHer mouth is dry she runs to the sinkTurns on the tap and gets a drinkPeople's eyes open, they are awakeningBy now her whole body is shakingShe goes to li ...

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Achondroplasia (a form of dwarfism).

common form of short-limbed dwarfism. It is a chondodystrophy in which the development of cartilage and bone is disturbed. The disorder occurs in approximately one out of every 10,000 births (Gale Enc ... out of every 10,000 births (Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine 1999 page 17). It is found in both males and females of all races. Adult male achondroplastic dwarfs average 51.8 inches in height while fema ...

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Business and econ.

to the development of chronic asthma in children who grew up in such environments. Such poor living conditions often have poor facilities such as outdated plumbing systems which can increase the amoun ... hose of a lower socioeconomic status have higher levels of stress due to job instability and living conditions. This is a part of the exposure hypothesis which states that "lower-class people are expo ...

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Who am I

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Anatomy and Physiology Outline

flexes- they are involuntary stereotyped responses to stimuli, they involve the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervesSpinal cord- cylinder nervous tissue that begins at the foramen magnum and pass ... he vertebral canal as far as the inferior margin of the first lumbar vertebrae (L1), 18 inches long and ½ inches wideAnterior Median Fissure- in the front, deeperPosterior Median Sulcus- in the ...

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In cancer, one particular type of body cell begins to grow and multiply abnormally, eventually forming a mass of renegade cells that doctors call a malignancy ... tumor. Under a microscope, malignant cancer cells look different from their normal neighbor cells, and they act differently, too. They are aggressive and invasive; they don't respect the body's estab ... hey are aggressive and invasive; they don't respect the body's established boundaries between cells and tissues. Many of these malignant cells manufacture destructive chemicals called proteases that a ...

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Cancer risks and how to minimise them

Smoking causes many types of cancers, such as lung cancer, cervical cancer and bladder cancer. Therefore to prevent yourself from getting cancer, you should not be smoking. Yo ... cancer, which is almost wholly attributable to smoking, is the third most common cancer among women and the most common cancer suffered by men in the UK. Rates of lung cancer in women have risen in di ... lung cancer in women have risen in direct relation both to the number of cigarettes smoked each day and the number of women who smoke.Drinking too much alcohol can cause stomach and other cancers. Som ...

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Another's Point of View by:Katy Buxton

one."You were not willing to see another's point of view.All that you thought was, "my way is right and I know it's true."What you don't understand is that, other minds considered,The ignorance in you ... in your opinion makes your heart become littered.You make no sense to say that you have love for allAnd then contradict yourself by saying that all else would fall.With your first thought in mind, sho ...

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The Beauty of Spring Blocks My Way by Chantelle Pelletier

Spring comes slowly and quietlyto allow Winter to withdrawslowly and quietly.The color of the mountain afternoonis tinge ... tinged with nostalgia.The terrible war flowerhas left her footprints-countless petals of separation and deathin white and violet.Very tenderly, the wound opens itself in the depths of my heart.Its col ... f the birds.The morning mist is already born.The breeze of Spring in its songexpresses both my love and my despair.The cosmos is so indifferent. Why?To the harbor, I came alone,and now I leave alone.T ...

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Business proposal:Financial Support for Upgrading of Hospital

institute and research centre would enable us to conduct a more intensive and extensive research on conditions such as brain tumour, neurology and also neurosurgical procedures. At the same time, our ...

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Bleeding Tears

ally love me or just filling me with liesWhy do you have to play with my feelingsYou broke me apart and now my heart diesYou made my eyes bleed tearsMade my heart beat stopYou made my fears all be sho ... eyes bleed tearsMade my heart beat stopYou made my fears all be shownSo let me sit hear in the darkAnd leave me and me heart alonei wrote this poem three years ago when my fiance left me fora women 1 ...

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Albinism: Characteristics and symptoms, Causes and treatments

anin. This makes their skin and hair lighter and can cause their eyes to appear red/pink. The other conditions that come with this condition are caused overtime mainly from sun damage because there is ... em from getting sun damage.TreatmentsThere is no cure for albinism but there are treatments for the conditions associated with it. For the vision problems contact lenses, glasses or laser surgery will ...

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Being Deaf for one day.

p one sense I would give up my hearing. Although hearing is a very important sense that we all need and have embraced as essential throughout the years, I believe this is the least needed for survival ... ut of the other five. I expect if I had given up this sense that life would be devastatingly harder and that life as we know it would become dramatically blander.Today is October 14, 2005. With the ai ...

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Case Study: Congestive Heart Failure

a fever which too is prominent in heart failure patients. His fever was 99.5ºF which is slight and in heart failure patients a slight fever is recognizable. The patient had trouble producing stoo ... stool too and constipation is prevalent in DCM. The patient suffered of severe shortness of breath and dizziness after he produced a firm stool because of the amount of energy exerted to produce it a ...

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he Conclusion I kept on glimpsing at the darkness, as everything was blank. The night air was bleak and cold, but thinking about her kept on making my forehead sweat. It bothered me that I could not r ... ept on making my forehead sweat. It bothered me that I could not remove her presence from my sight, and I felt like shouting at her "tell me where to look because everywhere I look, it reminds me of y ...

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The ¡§Brush with AIDS¡¨ case discusses the situation involving Halsey¡¦s

S¡¨ case discusses the situation involving Halsey¡¦s sharps containers. AIDS and HIV diseases are deadly and contagious. Hospitals want to protect their staff and employees from ... profit performance. Halsey is a leading health care company that provides the best products and services to customers all around the world. Amy is a senior market manager in the nursing servic ...

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Blood of a Warrior

rs of hopelessness shed my face. It seems as if I were trapped in a prison of my own heart, my body and soul encaged like a wild animal to the mercy of a crude and hurtful emotion! And unexplainable e ... e and hurtful emotion! And unexplainable emotion, a mere feeling. Witch can cause unexplainable joy and ecstatic, but can be the same feeling that tears your soul apart into little pieces and can tear ...

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Turners Syndrome Research

sorder where affected woman only have one X chromosome. This results in developmental abnormalities and infertility. Causes: Turner's syndrome is caused when one normal chromosome is present in a fem ... omosome is either missing or the structure is altered. Most cases are not inherited but occur as a random event when the reproductive cells are being formed in the affected person's parent. This occur ...

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