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The Future of Radio

e direct access to the satellite usage. Another direction radio is going is on the computer. Internet radio gives many people accessibility to their favorite radio station on the computer. Many ... included music, local event information, and billboard advertisements. Today many stations view the internet as an alternative way for people to listen to their stations. The amount of people that lis ...

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Promotion and Price Analysis

ll illustrate some of the dynamic advertising techniques used by Pepsi-Cola such as television, the Internet, radio, and publicity.        Pepsi does an outstanding job advertising it ...

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Newspapers' role in society.

ndards, and technological modernization. Mass media includes mediums such as magazines, television, internet, radio, cinema, video games, and cellular telephones. The ability to mass communicate with ...

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Future Of Radio Broadcasting

The Future of Radio Broadcasting Internet technologies have presented newspaper publishers with many opportunities "" some of them al ... t position.But there are still opportunities for newspapers to dominate content within the wireless Internet space, publishing to next-generation mobile phones and portable wireless devices. And, ther ... ortable wireless devices. And, there may be an opportunity for newspaper publishers to get into the Internet radio business and steal away listeners and advertisers from local radio stations.Indeed, t ...

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Satellite radio: XM versus Sirius (Case summary)

e area.Another common problem for both competitors is the competition with tall free radio (FM AM); Internet radio; satellite TV and cable systems, who provided radio services as part as their digital ...

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Branding: Choosing Company name, Logo, Slogan

Today's world is full of aggressive advertising. Ads can be found everywhere, from Internet, radio, and TV to buses, or beaches.Young entrepreneurs think that they will start a new bu ...

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Web radio

Web Radio Instant global radio, or Web radio, is the latest manifestation of the Internet's multimedia successor, the World Wide Web. Improved technology and content are turning Web ... concept is mainly underlined by the concept of Webcasting, or broadcasting station content over the Internet. Online users who visit the Web pages of Webcasting stations can find archived and live aud ... lopment of software that allows a digital recording stored on a computer to be transmitted over the Internet and played instantly and continuously as it is received by the listener's computer. (Your V ...

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Pesticides in kerala - An example of bias in the media Pesticides in Coca Cola ,the impact of scientific researches human health and multinationals

is composed of all kind of means used to propagate information. There are 5 mainmedias: Television, Internet, Radio, Posters and written press. The Internet has largelyinfluenced the information struc ...

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Why media is termed "consciousness industries"? How the media construct social and political attitudes that influences an individual's perception of their social world? Discuss with examples.

rough watching soap operas. Through various forms of media such as television, newspaper, magazine, internet, radio, film, advertisement, music and video games, people get to know about what is happen ...

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Groups and Teams Paper

are unexpected.Media outlets that the public will seek information are television, newspapers, the internet, radio and emergency and law enforcement personnel and medical and public health profession ...

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