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the past.Seinfeld ranks among the best situational comedies of all time. It has been compared to I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners, both of whom received praise for there pioneering works in comedy. B ... coherent in this show is the cast. I have not seen a cast that relate to each other so well since I Love Lucy. This shows cast resembles the cast of I Love Lucy because both casts have conflicting per ...

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led Seinfeld. From that moment on I was astounded to find that not even great sitcom's such as my beloved Mash and I Love Lucy were as captivating or enthralling. There is only one show that could hav ... because we would all really like to be able to choose the path we want without a conscience. We all love George and his inflated ego, whining, penny pinching personality. George off and on is forced t ...

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This essay discusses the importance and significance of the human genome project to the future of mankind, and the contributions to date.

k to the year 1953 they probably think of certain "Big Bopper" songs or the famous shows such as "I Love Lucy" and "Mr. Ed". You can probably ask anyone who James Watson and Francis Crick are? And the ...

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Lively Uncanny Character You'll love; Somewhere Between Conformity and Feminism A Female Comedian Sets the Stage for the Many, of Both, that Follow

was posted at the bottom of the page.In this statement, Davis (who is one of the writers for the I Love Lucy show), brags about Lucy. Not only did she give birth (a major domestic issue at the time - ... the list.Most major television families of the 1950's like Leave It to Beaver, Remember Mama, and I Love Lucy were happy middle-class families living in the suburbs or working toward that goal and the ...

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Barefoot in the Park Review

and funny puns, I realized I had seen this type of theatre before, as it reminded me of the show 'I Love Lucy.' An odd but cute couple raising hell between them only to rejoin in the end, while confli ... air is always neat and curled with a hat that always matching her neatly pressed dress suits. Hand gloves always were present on her fingers, while she also always clutched a handbag to match her outf ...

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Thatrical Review of Fuddy Mears

on and the beat up table and chairs, one would not have been able to guess the time setting. The 'I Love Lucy Show' that played when the television was turned on was a perfect extra. All costumes were ...

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Sitcoms and American Role Models

The show heralded as the first romantic sitcom, I Love Lucy, premiered October 15, 1951 (Ross). It featured a dull-witted, but beautiful and funny Luc ... ow is supposedly liberated high school and college-aged women (All Your TV). In many ways, I Love Lucy and The Newlyweds is the same show. They both draw their fan base by the humor invoked by ... stereotypes of the brainless bimbo being cared for by her calm confident husband. One episode of I Love Lucy exhibits the couple chatting about an accumulating pile of bills (TV Land). When Ricky beg ...

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The 1950's An American History: Brief overview of 1950's culture.

The Fifties was a time of the nuclear family, "I Love Lucy", and things like the hula hoop. People dressed the same, talked the same, and acted the s ...

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History Of Teenagers

rather in the late afternoon and evening. Some popular television shows of this time period were "I Love Lucy"�, "The Ed Sullivan Show"�, and "American Bandstand"�."American Bands ... ilms"�, Pauline Kael once wrote, "the young boy as a beautiful, disturbed animal, so full of love he's defenseless. Maybe the father doesn't love him, but the camera does"� (50's Time Li ...

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The Impact of Television on the Film Industry

o television. The most significant contributor to early television was Desi Arnaz with his sitcom I Love Lucy. The success of I Love Lucy is unparalleled in the history of television. The combination ... lls and his wife Lucille Ball?s comedic talent swept the nation. The cinematic innovations of the I Love Lucy show made it very popular among producers. Arnaz made the decision to film it, rather than ...

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Television’s Depiction of Gender Roles

roughout the ages of television; for example, the portrayal of the women in the house. Back when "I Love Lucy" was recently being broadcasted she was always waiting for Ricky once he got home and woul ... e to be in his wife's presence. That whole image changed along with society. Back in the days of "I Love Lucy" women were not looked on to be the dominant role in the household and now the household i ...

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Pop Art of the 1960's

g together. The weekly airing of television shows such as "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", "I Love Lucy" and "Lassie" further demonstrated this conservatism.In contrast to the traditionalism of ...

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The 1950's Media Innacuracies and it's Avoidance of Racial Controversies

y, one would not be aware of the racial problems going about the USA from viewing the comedy show I Love Lucy. This show, consisting of Lucille Ball as Lucy and Desi Arnez as Ricky, was a slapstick sh ... and watched Lucy cook dinner and Ricky complain about how much her new dress cost him. Much like I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, a popular western, avoided the real social commotion and instead focused on aut ...

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Lucy's Struggle with the Ordinary Life of a HousewifeThe I Love Lucy Show is a perfect example of comedy that pertains to the power struggle theme in more than ... t the life of an ordinary housewife in America during the time in a delightfully comedic way. The I love Lucy Show does an excellent job in making this comedy more than just a pleasurable sitcom to wa ... es out to them.We have to understand the struggle that women in America faced during the time the I Love Lucy Show aired. The I Love Lucy Show debuted in 1951 in a post-World War II era. During the wa ...

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Lucille Ball

efers to the ideal white husband and wife, along with their well-behaved children, that life in the lovely suburban neighborhood with a loving home and a white picket fence. There was a lot of hype th ... s on what it took to be a "woman". Lucille Ball, known for her main role in the television sitcom I Love Lucy, was the voice of this woman-in-distress role that was stereotypical of that era. She was ...

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