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This discussion will focus on answering machines and the caller identification system, and how this technology affects our leisure time, our business interactions, and our personal relationships.

ndent on the information provided by these technologies to obtain partial control of the use of our precious time and energy. Anyone who has ever heard the telephone ring, looked at the caller ID disp ...

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Piracy: Too expensive to stop. This debate essay will try to prove why the governemnt shouldn't be cracking down on piracy.

of the piracy happening around the world, I believe that the government shouldn't be wasting their precious time trying to crack down on the many people involved in it. The government shouldn' ...

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Definition of Perseverence.

nal set of the match. It was my turn to serve and I hesitantly held the birdie, trying to gain some precious time to catch my breath. I stared at my confident opponent's face through the lines of the ...

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Research paper on NASA (thesis and outline and work cited page).

t I bet you don't know all the time, effort, and money that are put toward just one mission. In the precious time you get through reading this paper you will know about NASA and from then and after yo ...

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Havin Access To The Internet

ess to the Internet all the time also has its cons as well. The Internet is capable of killing your precious time. If you like spending time on the Internet a lot, being capable of reaching it all the ...

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Christmas time is here!

Christmas, to me, is the most precious time of year for friends and family to gather and show their love and appreciation of each ...

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Our Town

book "Our Town". To many this is a quote to move the soul, to make a person think and realize their precious time on earth is limited and should be appreciated. However, I feel humanity is so wronged ...

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Penang 2050

gain its freedom and it will be independent but not under control of Malaysia any more. During that precious time, Penang will be a very thriving city. Most of the tar roads will be replaced by the ex ...

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Virtual house calls

ld be cheaper to see a doctor online because it can be done quickly and a more efficient way to use precious time, but some people want to get rich off of the simplest things. Insurance companies migh ...

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Risks vs Planning

the possibilities that one may succeed, one can avoid attempting an unreasonable feat, thus saving precious time and energy. It also gives an individual more options to fallback on in case one should ...

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eople dancing is not considered a true hobby; but the way I see it, if I enjoy dancing and spend my precious time doing it, then I have every right to consider it as my special hobby.As far as I can r ...

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Donner party

rnia. The Donners decided to attempt to follow that cutoff through Utah into Nevada. They lost much precious time and suffered through severe desert conditions. The physical condition of both humans a ...

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Shakespeare's Hamlet: A Man Of Action Or A Man Of

ung prince is placed. Because the hero feels so overwhelmed by his situation, he spends much of his precious time in evaluation of it. As a result, he feels like a "pigeon-livered" coward and blames h ...

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Learning To Live Is Learning To Die

anist. During this point of his life, his favorite uncle dies. It changed his life. He realized how precious time really was. That incident in his life also changes his career. He became a sports writ ...

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Formal complain letter

o many assignments, reports and our exams are around the corner. We wouldn’t want to spend our precious time dealing with her during our exams (affect our studies).We would appreciate if you can ...

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Advantages of working from home

ing for long hours to get to work and hence you save on fuel charges, car maintenance and also your precious time. Even if you take a two hour lunch no one can punish you as you are your own boss.Seco ...

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“Many films are a bad influence on young people.”What is your view?

y. This fast growing bad habit is expensive because of increasing electricity bill and the waste of precious time which can certainly be devoted to healthier, less wasteful and more gainful pursuits.T ...

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