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If you're looking for a colorblind American society, take off the rose colored glasses is about reverse discrimination in America and how it is commonly ignored.

A recent article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer entitled "Let's Finish Eradicating Racism" discusse ...

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Animal Rights Protests Gone Bad.

views them, and they think that everyone should agree with them. Society doesn't work that way.In a recent article I found online, I learned that PETA was encouraging college students to drink beer in ...

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A comparison of Thick and Thin clients in Networks.

(as opposed to 'thin') because they have their own processor, memory and storage devices.However, a recent article suggests that networks could be better by the use of 'thin clients'. This is where th ...

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Home Computers; our greatest weakness in the fight against identity theft

izing that these culprits are stealing personal information right off of their home computers. In a recent article published by Adam S. Marlin (2003) titled "Online identity theft a growing concern" h ...

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Strategic Planning

othly or at least close to it. Effective strategic planning is the key to a great corporation. In a recent article, I found different type of companies that had to change their outlook on how they do ...

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The Importance of Professional Work Attire Human Relations & Development

The Importance of Professional Work AttireA recent article in U.S.A. Today, spoke about candidates for jobs showing up in jeans, purple sweat su ... ources for an Electric Cooperative is to maintain and implement employment policies. One of my most recent policies, which was approved by our Board of Directors in January of this year, was to establ ... provides a comfortable atmosphere for members to share, grow, and network with other women who have recently made the same transition into the workforce. Since membership is reciprocal in every PWG lo ...

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ugs have played a harmful role in our young society and has plagued households across the nation. A recent article by Rolling Stone magazine "Plague in the Heartland," reports of a drug called by the ...

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Current Event Assignment "Study: Stay-at-home moms deserve high pay."

one staying at home or the one who goes out and supplies the income for the family? According to a recent article, Stay at home moms deserve high pay, the ones staying home would earn $131,471 annual ...

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Date Rape

IntroductionI. Date RapeA. In recent years a new kind of rape threatens the parties, campuses and night clubs you attend.1. Date r ... leaving the victim oblivious to the fact they have been assaulted.B. According to the ABC News in a recent article "Victims of Date Rape" "One in every four college women students are victims."1. This ... r have suspicions they make very poor witnesses- according to Teen Advice with Mike Hardcastle in a recent article of his "Only five percent of college girls who are raped report it to the police and ...

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of persons acting in close association as members of a unit; but teamwork is more than just that. A recent article from states that the purpose of assembling a team is to accomplish an even ...

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Information technology in business

IntroductionIn a recent article (Anon 2005) it was stated that the Internet has revolutionized business, it has playe ... management become simpler and cheaper resulting in Internet EDI spread rapidly during 2000 and 2001.Recent developments include the application of eXtensible Markup Language based on EDI (XML/EDI) or ... from the use e-MPBOX 2: Case History of company using e-MP:North Tyneside Metropolitan Council has recently gone live with Ukprocure Marketplace, enabling its pilot users to browse product catalogues ...

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Financial Trends Paper: Dillards

uld be helpful to the company. Along with identifying those three major factors, I will summarize a recent article about Dillard's and its past and current earnings.There were several financial trends ...

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Critical Thinking

ich is how a person feels or what he or she think is true, is very important to critical thinking.A recent article that I came across provides some good examples of how critical thinking can have an i ...

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The "War on Terror"

upport it? Many famous writers are now making their voices heard on the subject of war, including a recent article written by Howard Zinn, he states that the war is a violation of morality, and that w ...

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Article Review about Quality (TQM)

uality can help an organization maintain its competitive edge. This quality issue is portrayed in a recent article about the recent increase in vehicle recalls by Toyota. In this paper, I will summari ... ally.As it was mentioned earlier, Toyota is known for its quality automobiles. For that reason, the recent recalls, both in the U.S. and Japan, have yet to affect the company's operations; in July 200 ...

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Conservation of Natural Resources Environmental News Are We Recycling Enough? The recent article in the Desert Sun told us that six of our nine cities are below standards of Californ ... ose to our valley. What impact does this Landfill have on our surrounding environment? With all the recent controversy about the desert fringed lizard and bighorn sheep it would only seem logical to m ...

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Female Role Model

shington Times, she recognizes, and speaks out on, issues which may not otherwise be addressed.In a recent article, "Paradise Deconstruct-ed," Fields addresses the fact that many conservative women on ...

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Anticipatory Socialization In Work

doctors are expected to internalize "bedside manners" as well as to learn medical skills. Indeed, a recent article by J. B. Reuler et al. has projected a new emphasis on the importance of the bedside ... r membership is gained, both social and physical sanctions may be applied if the norms are violated.Recent research on young fishermen has revealed that anticipatory socialization begins very early in ...

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Consumption Patterns

ered, the studies can show the patterns in consumption between the consumers and the products. In a recent article titled Shifting Consumption Patterns-An Accelerating Trend, the author McKinsey point ...

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Review of The Article: Hillman, Amy J., Shropshire, Christine, Cannella Jr., Albert A.2007.Organizational Predictors of Women on Corporate Boards .Academy of Management Journal,50(4):941-952

zing critique of "Organizational predictors of women on corporate boards"(Hillman et al., 2007)This recent article is one of the first attempts to explain: What organizational characteristics predict ...

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