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Forest Fires - A Burning Issue

ned as a tool to prevent wildfires. Little data exists to support this premise. The purpose of this research was to show that prescribed burning is an effective long-term wildfire prevention tool. The ... burning is an effective long-term wildfire prevention tool. The study used a descriptive historical research methodology. The research questions to be answered are:1. Does prescribed burning reduce th ...

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CSR with Focus on the Employee Perspective

sion, which in turn will lead us to the purpose of thisstudy. The purpose is broken down into three research questions. Thereafter the scope of thethesis and central concept are described, and finally ... ll also beilluminated with empirical data.CSR with Focus on the Employee Perspective Introduction-4-Research questions* How has the concept of CSR evolved and what does it entail?* What does CSR imply ...

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Business Proposal for American Democracy project conference

American Democracy ProjectI. Goals and problemsThe general purpose of the research is to develop a conference plan for the statewide one-day conference for American Democracy ... d colleges concerning ADP projects. The problem is most schools do not know what the others do. The research questions are how to make the attendees feel comfortable; utilize their time most efficient ... reative thinking; openly discuss ideas that can promote ADP.II. Objectives and questionsThe research objectives based on the research questions are listed below:1) To identify the need ...

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Customer Service in the Retail Industry

Understanding the Concepts of Customer ServiceResearch Objectives1. Gain a better understanding of the concept of customer service in today's reta ... the misunderstandings of customer service in the marketplace3. Find ways to improve customer serviceResearch Questions1. How do customers perceive overall customer service in regards to the retail ind ... succeed in the long run.Methodology - Focus Groups and InterviewsRespondents:In order to answer the research questions, two surveys were created. One was administered to customers and the other one wa ...

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School and Community Portrait What makes a good school? What makes a good teacher? Does this school help the student to achieve the American Dream?

Abstract:The following paper addresses three main research questions regarding Pleasantville High School, in Pleasantville, NY. I spent half a day, on ... o improve them. That is why it is so important to understand the union between school and community.Research Questions:During my research for this paper, I focused predominately on three main research ... numerous things that caused schools not to be regarded as a good school.The second question that I researched was what made a good teacher, and whether or not the teacher I observed in my classroom e ...

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Does height matter in the NBA?

thesis: Basketball myths such as "You Can't Teach Size" and "Size Matters" play a factor in the NBA.Research questions:1. Does height affect the outcome of a game?2. Do taller superstars perform bette ... n their smaller counterparts?3. Do taller prospects get more attention during the Draft?The type of research is secondary since the raw data was retrieved from official and reliable NBA web sites. The ...

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Research Proposal: Sustainable Tourism in Andalusia

1. INTRODUCTION.This assignment is focused on presenting an original research proposal about the extent in which a sustainable tourism industry is viable in Andalusia. F ... the extent in which a sustainable tourism industry is viable in Andalusia. Firstly, the reasons why research proves to be a worthwhile and interesting project will be discussed into this field, paying ... ible in Andalusia. Secondly, the possible literature sources and the issues which have already been researched will be analysed. Gaps in existing literature will be highlighted, and questions relating ...

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Coastal Management Report

The aim of the research conducted on Stuart park is to investigate the human impact on the coastal environment.LOCA ... tral to Wollongong's CBD, lagoon and North Beach, it is In the on the south east coast of Australia.Research questions raised:* Developments in the area. Describe them.* Land clearance and landscaping ... ole in the environmentMethods used to gather information include: Observation, sketches, photos and research sheets.BODY OF REPORTHuman developments have been influenced by the reputation of the area ...

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Writing a literature review

s different from what you are doing as part of coursework: A thesis literature review culminates in research questions and hypotheses on which the research to be done is based. Your literature review ... erature review should finish with a list of the unresolved issues and/or questions meriting further research but you do not have to develop hypotheses.The TitleThe title is a very important part of yo ...

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Golf-Course: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction

MBA506- FINAL EXAMGolf-Course: Teeing Up a New Strategic DirectionAnnaGiven the research questions inferred from the above (see below), how appropriate were those measurement quest ... ate were the various sampling design decisions?Sampling strategy is very critical in any survey and research, here YGC has chosen a variety of different question formats: the rating scale, The Open-En ...

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Spirituality Of Those With Fatal Diseases

ine how people with potentially fatal diagnoses view and experience the concept of health. However, research has generated a substantial amount of data describing how the role of spirituality in healt ... iders can then intervene if we are to help our patients who are living with a terminal diagnoses.C. Research Questions The research questions within the study were inferred through the Purpose and fin ...

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Setting Limits in the Classroom

nces are like walls. They stop misbehavior. They provide clear and definitive answers to children?s research questions about what?s acceptable and who?s in charge, and they teach responsibility by hol ...

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The Factors That Affect Mathematics In A Group Of Grade Five Students In A Rural School: Design for the Collection of Data

ents/people are numerate as this will help to determine their life opportunities. The students, the researcher are studying have not accurately mastered the required level in numeracy, consequently wi ... ce major difficulties if this problem is not combated. In an effort to authenticate her opinion the researcher will use the survey method to gather data that will provide information on some factors t ...

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Research Terminology Matching Assignment

Rosa I. Vega Sing RES 341 Research and Evaluation I University of Phoenix MaterialResearch Terminology Matching AssignmentMatc ... letter of the term on the right to the definition of that term on the left. DefinitionsTermsA research study which includes repeated observations over a period of time. F. LongitudinalInterva ... peated observations over a period of time. F. LongitudinalInterval Cross-sectional Ordinal Basic research Exploratory Longitudinal Operational definition Ratio Applied research Nominal Descriptive ...

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Government and Indigenous Activism involvement in the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Death in Custody in Australian Politics

d prior, during and post its investigations, I am aiming at concluding in answers for the following research questions:To what extent did the recommendations of the RCIADIC propose new challenges for ... hallenges for government?Did Indigenous activists support the recommendations of the RCIADIC?For my research I have used various sources such as library, journals and internet as well as course materi ...

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Research approach

ectual puzzles or to practical problems. In order to solve both intellectual and practical puzzles, researchers have to choose research approach, to face different details. Therefore in this paper try ... oach, to face different details. Therefore in this paper try to explain the two main methods of the research approaches the qualitative and quantitative analysis, comment and discuss the difference be ...

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Image Study: Holland Casino Leeuwarden

1. IntroductionThe purpose of the report is to understand the image of the casino in Leeuwarden. Research is conducted in order to gain information about the perceived image by the residents of Lee ... divided between the residents' point of view and the managements' point of view. Through conducting research concerning the different perspectives, a comparison can be drawn. To conclude it can be sai ...

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Literature Review

review would:• Ensure that the Ministry is well informed by the growing body of international research literature intoCops;• Provide the basis for a set of clear, succinct Ministry guidelin ... LITERATURE SOURCESFollowing Borg and Gall (1983), Light and Pillemer (1984) and Tuckman (1988), the research questions aslisted in the previous section were used to guide this literature review and sy ...

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ICT Research Methodology

Research methodology consists of the assumptions, postulates, rules, and methods-the blueprint or ro ... der their work open to analysis, critique, replication, repetition, and/or adaptation and to choose research methods. The main objective of this investigation was to identify the variables involved in ... context, and how these variables may affect ethnic minority groups in the area of East London. The research is intended to explore learning ICT amongst students, lectures and policy makers in further ...

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Quantitative Analysis: Family Presence during Invasive Procedures and CPR

Study ProblemA research problem identifies an area of concern when a gap exists in the knowledge needed for nursing ... egrity of the family unit from birth to death (Myers et al., 2000). The benefits identified through research will guide education and assist nurses supporting families during invasive procedures and C ... to educate families regarding clients' conditions and increased families knowledge.Study PurposeThe research purpose, derived from the research problem, identifies the goal or aim of the study (Burns ...

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