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Not the Same Old Boring Meetings/Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing

re popular ways of communicating and training these employees, which include video conferencing and web conferencing. When should these forms of communicating to others be used?Video conferencing, in ... h specializes in video conferencing, which could put a strain on employees time schedules (Elliott).Web conferencing allows users to display online slide show presentations and interact with others us ...

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Web/Video Conferencing The what, when, where & why's of its use

e wake of the events on September 11, 2001, meeting-goers have turned to the use of audio, video or web conferencing to conduct business as opposed to flying the not-so-friendly-skies. Safety has beco ... avel have gone down while the budgets for up-to-date technology for business communication, such as web conferencing and video conferencing, has gone up. (Fritz)Web conferencing has allowed companies ...

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A Step Forward The advantages of Web-based conferencing

ed us forward into technology by making it possible for people to network across time and distance. Web conferencing uses a combination of voice communication and a network of computers to interact wi ... ect their attention to their monitors, which may show a PowerPoint presentation, invoice, memo, etc.Web-based conferencing supports multiple locations so there is no need to have all of your associate ...

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Technology & Communication

Which applies to your company. Explain carefully.Why does/would/wouldn't web conferencing work?In our organization technology and communication is very broad due to the diff ... n my organization the communications there are different methods we use to run daily business using web conferencing work. I will discuss what works and what does not work when using web conferencing. ... communicate to distant persons to ensure all are on track with the discussions. I have learned that web conferencing is becoming big that when our unit has an exercise from distance technology becomes ...

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Effects of Technology on the Accounting Process

ounting professions and the accounting information systems that accountants use.PDA's, cell phones, web conferencing, internet, and many other technological advances within the last few decades has al ... the process of getting the needed information that a client needs to make their informed decisions. Web conferencing, similar to phone conferencing allows users on both sides to see presentations of w ...

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Office Automation and Group Collaboration

up collaboration, my organization often uses Conference Place by Microsoft Office Live Meeting as a web conferencing service to hold meetings and training sessions. With meeting attendees participatin ... nce Place, it is possible to mute and unmute lines and dial out to additional participants from the web interface. Microsoft Office integration, custom slides, reporting tools, recording and printing ...

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Marketing Plan

re also offered and require a set amount of time to be logged on the internet. With the addition of webinars and teleconferences, University of Phoenix will give their students more options for succes ... nces, University of Phoenix will give their students more options for success.University of Phoenix Web ClassesIn today's business world global competition, slowing economies and an increase in an edu ...

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Report on Online Conferencing.

pants have to travel and stay in particular places. This is very time consuming and also expensive. Web-based conferencing supports various locations therefore there is no need to have all of the comp ... nstructional Design Examples: Online Conferencing [Online] Available From: [Accessed 9th January 2010]

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