12 Angry Men

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summary 12 Angry Men The plot of 12 Angry Men revolves around jury deliberations for an 18-yr-old Young Man, referred to as "The Accused," who is on trial for the pre-meditated murder of his father. The movie opens with the Judge instructing the jury about the process of deliberation. The jury then immediately goes into the jury room and begins deliberations. It becomes apparent early into the discussions, that several of the men have personal prejudices that have an effect on their judgment. For Example, One man who is prejudice against the kind of person "˜'The Accused" is, referring to his background of where he lives and was raised. Another who is from the streets and knows much of what it is like to be the defendant. Others include, a very persuasive juror, an old and wise man, a stubborn and anal man, a business man who doesn't care about much except his work.

Plus the star who believes that the defendant could really be innocent, and proves it. Also the fact that it is "the hottest day of the year" and the fan in room is not working, initiates set of conditions to cause problems. When one juror raises doubts about the boy's guilt, tempers flare and angry outbursts are frequent. The more doubts that are voiced, the more intense the men get, fearing that the lone juror is twisting the facts to an extreme and is turning a guilty man into an innocent.