Abducted! Encounters With Aliens

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Abducted! Encounters with Aliens is an article written by Michael Shermer about severe hallucinations being accepted as real life events. The article talks about him being a long distance bike rider and have most riders go through "a rolling experiment on stress, sleep deprivation, and mental breakdown." In Shermer experience with this he remembers like any other memory when his bike crew turned to aliens like he saw in a film. So now he his skeptical of alien abductees, but he's not saying all "alien abduction experiences were sleep deprived or undergoing extreme physical and mental stress." He believes that there is a possibility that aliens are traveling thousands of light-years to Earth and dropping in undetected, but it is much more likely that humans are experiencing altered states of consciousness and interpreting them in the context of what is popular in out culture today, namely, space aliens. There was a study down in California State University that proves that most abductees make up stories as they go along but feel the really were abducted.

The T.V. programs that we have today does play a role in the stories created by the abductees, which usually is told a timely period after the event. Also most abductees belong to encounter groups, which helps them play of other experience to boost their story. Studies prove that we are the most sexual "of all primates, if not all mammals." That fact alone helps us learn more about humans than aliens because most abduction stories consist of a sexual encounter.