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In defining the idea of success and the way the Catholic University of America will help me understand the concept in the context of higher education, several key elements are essential. Among these are spiritual, personal, community/civic and career success.

One of the most preeminent ways I define success in my life is having spiritual success. Spiritual success provides the "inner peace," needed for professional success. I hold many deep religious and philosophical convictions, which the Catholic University holds. Spiritual success is the bases for else; all other goals and successes in my life, hinge on it. Without having this success, I cannot fully succeed in other areas. My spiritual faith provides the confidence needed to triumph over all obstacles, both internally and externally. Catholic University, the globally focused Catholic institution, provides the spiritual values that are in concert with my personal beliefs.

Personal success can be defined as embracing perseverance drive, and a strong work ethic.

It can be identified by the attainment of good grades and Honor Roll standing. Strong religious values and commitment to family also define personal success.

For example, since arriving in America, I have consistently attained Honor Roll status, at Wakefield High School. I consider this to be an important personal success. This achievement was a result of perseverance drive and a strong work ethic. As noted previously, my religious values are essential to my personal success.

I came from a typical family with a strong faith in God. My family goes to church every Sunday. Praying to God is like guidance, a guidance that helps me to achieve my personal success and satisfaction.

Another way I defined success is by working in the community. I enjoy helping, and the pleasure that I get from it means a great deal to me. Currently, I...