African Literature. Speaks of short stories such as 'In the Cutting of a Drink' ,'The Return', Chipasula's poem 'Those Rainy Mornings', Aidoo's 'In the Cutting of a Drink', 'The Return' by Ngugi wa

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The two short stories 'In the Cutting of a Drink' and 'The Return' bring different responses from me. 'In the Cutting of a Drink' makes me think about what it would be like to go into a new culture. It also makes me think about the decline in moral values now days. 'The Return' reminds me to be more thankful for the many things I take for granted. It also makes me think about how hard it can be to cope with change. In the poem 'Those Rainy Mornings' I am reminded of my grandma and what a kind, loving, wonderful person she is.

In Frank Chipasula's poem 'Those Rainy Mornings' the speaker is talking about his aunt Gwalanthi. The speaker tells us what a wonderful loving person his aunt is. In the first section the speaker tells us how his aunt would wake up at the crack of dawn and build a fire.

Then she would begin cooking porridge. In the second section of the poem the speaker talks about waking up 'out of the nagging nightmare.' Then the speaker describes his aunt a little bit more, 'her soft but husky call.' In the last section the speaker talks about how kind his aunt is to take care of his brothers and sisters while his parents 'strayed to the copper mines.'

This poem makes me think about my grandma and all the wonderful things she has done for me. The speakers aunt is an old fragile woman, 'hoe-broken palms' and 'scrawny ribs.' But she is also a very hard worker and loving person. Both these things remind me of my grandma. My grandma may be old and fragile but she is still a very hard working and loving person. My grandma is always up at first light doing household...