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As I woke up this morning to get ready for another day at St Aloysius College, I quietly crept around the house to see if my parents, my sister, Jasmine, and my grandma were awake yet. I suppose there were not because I could hear my grandma whining in her sleep, my parents snoring and Jasmine talking in her sleep. When would my dad wake up? It was 30 mins before school starts and he needs to drive me to school. My mother needs to make my lunch and my sister, not sure what nasty surprises she’d prepared for me. Did this 13 year-old have to waste the second day of secondary?In class, when I was learning math, English and music, which are my favourite subjects, teachers always get fussy about uniforms and how students look. Today, for the first time in music, Mr. Russell told me off for one, not putting my glasses on properly; two, not tying my thick black, smooth hair back; three, glaring at him with my dark, crystal eyes and lastly, for not singing when he played “Mamma Mia” on the piano! I didn’t even know the lyrics and I thought I could play the piano better than he did.

The incident that I had with Mr. Russell unnerves me from soaring through my work.

Now I was learning Health & Physical Education, the worst subject that could ever be studied. Spring had made me admire the beauty around me, and learning about puberty had changed the climate. I was trying to hide under the table when my teacher, Ms Bradley, showed us some diagrams. I couldn’t believe that the teacher was laughing at this subject. She had a sick mind.

In the gym, I was practicing a gymnastic routine with my...