Almost Perfect

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The place was called Lakeville, within Lakeville, VA lived a man named Seth Johnson. Seth was about six feet and one inch tall. He was a very handsome young man. He was twenty three years of age, brown eyes and black hair. His skin complexion was very fine almost like a caramel color. In his life he went to the Air Force and now works in retail. Seth's occupation consists of time- fifty hours a week, and hard work. Seth walks around almost everyday with a smile on his face like nothing is wrong; but in the meantime, Seth Johnson almost lives a double life. He works in Lakeview, VA but, he has two children he barely sees in Sheraton, GA. The mother keeps Seth's two beautiful little girls away from him. He loves the two girls to death but has only seen his oldest daughter twice; Mary two years old and never has never seen is two month old daughter, Sally.

When he works it's not for him it's for his children.

In Lakeview, VA it is a very small town so everyone knows everyone's personal business. Everyone in town knows of his story with him not being able to see his two children. The town thinks it's so sad, some people show pity while the others show true compassion. Speaking of compassion Seth has so much compassion, for his children that he is willing to give up his good job, nice quiet area, peaceful home and friends and family, all for his daughters. He doesn't really care too much for their mother, just because of what she has done to him over the years. He is going to put all that aside and move in with her and be challenged in every obstacle that hits him.