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Max Bluestein

Mrs. Ippolito

Honors American Literature- 7

September 24, 2013

Is America the Best Country?

Dear Will McAvoy,

Is America the best country in the world? To popular belief America is the most extraordinary country in the world, but my personal judgement is that America is not the same country anymore. Today the country is run by a bunch of poo flinging Liberals that say they are improving the circumstances we are in, but in reality end up screwing us all over. The US is in need for change.

I agree with your comment that America was once great and prosperous to only end up in the dumps today. We are no longer number one in anything important and the country is starting to crumble. Our country once meant something to people, we were a symbol of Revolution and rebellion. When we waged a war, we put our words where our mouths words and fought for the right of our people, the world's people.

This country spends useless money to help people who put themselves on the street from drugs and asinine decisions, then this money is again continually spent on drugs and two- three hundred dollar shoes. Our economy is being flushed down the toilet by the reelection of President Barack Obama. The new policies proposed by Obama is picking up the economy and hard working class Americans and throwing them into a burning pit of Hell. Obama Care only benefits the Americans who try not to get a job and sit on their asses with no persistence to get up. Our heath care policy already sucks, so why not make it worse.

Don't get me started about the 2nd Amendment bullshit. The new ideas to limit the production and cripple guns is wrong. Our gun show...