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"Super Size Me"

Morgan Spurlock's documentary Super Size Me is a based on the unhealthy side effects of eating fast food does to the human body. Spurlock's experiment began when two young women filed a lawsuit against McDonald's for gaining excessive weight. To prove his cause effective, Spurlock ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McDonald's for thirty consecutive days. He supported his case by using three different specialists to monitor his health during the entire study. Morgan's official weight was one hundred eighty-five pounds with only eleven percent body fat; his overall health was above average. Throughout the documentary Spurlock talks about statistical evidence and does interviews to support his case study.

When Morgan began his experiment, he enlisted three doctors to assist him: a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, and a general practitioner. After the first week Spurlock noticed his energy was low; he always felt tired, and he became depressed.

His body began craving the food. In the African American culture this is called the lazy syndrome or the itis where the body is over indulged in large amounts of food leaving the body feeling drained. The body's reaction to the food shows there is a big problem developing, yet we blame the fast food industry for our improper diet choices instead of eating in moderation. Twenty-two percent of McDonald's consumers are super heavy users meaning they eat there at least three times a week.

Spurlock's point of view was very successful; he got the attention of the public by using himself as a real life experiment. Critic Peter Rainer states it best "watching him get the McGurgles or McGas is not exactly inspiring neither is watching him McRalph"(New York magazine). Another concern was brought up by Claudia Puig of USA today, "first...