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Literate business communication is important when it comes to business writing. Understanding how to properly write a business letter is invaluable tools and could determine the success and failure of a business. Locating a well-written literatebusiness communication in my organization was easy to do.

The example of literatebusiness communication I found clearly expresses the point of the writing. It is well written and states its purpose without loosing the meaning to the reader. In the introduction it clearly expresses the benefit to the readers.

The samples purpose is to allow the readers to easily understand the benefit the company offers to its employees. It is clearly stated in the introduction the purpose of having a company savings plans and is written in easy to understand language.

The writer in this sample uses an indirect approach. The writing is trying to target all of the employees of the company.

Each person who reads this is to be informed of the company's benefits that are available. The writer's audience in the sample is all of the employees in the company.

The writer addresses the audience by having an understanding approach about the difficulties of saving money. Then further tries to address these difficulties with a solution that is provided by the organization. There is clear connection being made to the intended audience.

The writer makes an assumption that all employees have difficulty understanding complex savings plans therefore explains that this is not the case with the company savings plan. However, the writer does not take into account the employees that might have a deeper understanding of savings and retirements plans.

Another assumption the writer makes is that every employee has difficulty saving money for the future, which may or may not be the case.

The tone and style the writer...