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Daniella Almanza

English & Rhetoric 1101

October 3, 2012

Dove vs. Simple

All women seek to find an equal balance of 'perfect' for their bodies. Magazine ads and television ads help women steer their way in the correct direction towards that perfection they seek. Cheap makeup products to scientific break-through serums attract women of all ages. Whether you are a thirteen-year-old girl or a sixty-year-old woman, beauty product ads in magazines have grabbed your attention and stuck in your mind. I chose to compare Dove® deodorant and Simple® cleansing wipes. Both attract women of the same age groups and are targeting those who have issues with sensitive skin and are searching for a relief.

The first ad is a Dove deodorant ad. On it, there is a lady in her twenties smiling blissfully. Her arms are up and her hands are resting on her head. Her hair is out of the way and hanging down her back.

She is wearing a plain white tank top that blends into the white background. She has no jewelry of any sort and no makeup. Although the camera is pointed towards her body from the hip up, the main focus of this ad are her underarms. They are flawless and right away the reader can see that that is what she is so ecstatic about. By using the 'mirror effect' women are becoming convinced that this is what they want. They want to have perfect, hairless, moisturized underarms. That is what this advertisement is offering. To persuade and lure in the viewer, the ad includes a statistic: "9 out of 10 women preferred Dove® ClearTone™ for more even looking skin in just 2 weeks". Another form of persuasion is the use of the pearls at the bottom left hand corner. This is what you...