Analytical Essay of "The Song of the Lark":Focus on Heroine Thea

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Analytical Essay of The Song of the Lark

Cather's novel The Song of the Lark tells the story of an artist's growth in maturity. Thea, the main character of the novel, is depicted as a singer who works her way up from the barren and dusty town of Colorado, to the splendid Metropolitan Opera house. The novel traces the development of Thea's career supported by a series of male friends that are willing to do anything within their capability. Not only does the novel examine the spirit of "American Dream" brought forth by the heroine, but it also reflects the unusual process that depicts the growth of a female character assisted by many male characters.

Thea Kronborg, the heroine of the Song of the Lark, is growing up in an overcrowded little house in a small western town. Her parents recognize and respect their daughter's unusual gifts in singing and playing piano, but her more conventional siblings and neighbors think of Thea as spoiled, rebellious, stuck-up and "bold with men"(48).

An example to show the unusual characteristics of Thea is the Christmas Eve performance. This is the chance for children who are "talented members of Sunday School" (42) to perform in front of the town. As rivals, Thea Kronborg and Lily Fisher both perform at the concert. Unlike Thea, who plays a ten-minute long and serious "Ballade" that makes the audience "grew restive and fell to whispering"(49), Lily plays the piano and recites a piece that is less complicated and is appreciated by the majority. The difference between Lily and Thea is the one between popular culture and classic; the former one is more applausive, but the latter one is more precious.

Another example that shows Thea's potential that differs from others appears in her...