Anne Of Green Gables

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Anne of Green Gables is the story of a little orphan girl, Anne Shirley, finding a home at Green Gables with the unsuspecting brother and sister team, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Marilla and Matthew ask their acquaintance, Mrs. Spencer, to bring them an orphan boy from an asylum in Nova Scotia when she goes to pick up an orphan girl for herself. So, it is much to Matthew's surprise when he finds a talkative and quirky little girl waiting for him at the train station instead of a little boy. After the shock wears off, Marilla decides that she and Matthew may keep Anne as long as Matthew agrees to let her handle the disciplining and the upbringing.

Marilla's decision, however, is not cemented in stone. She instructs Anne that there will be a trial period. Marilla immediately starts the process of teaching Anne to be respectful, study the Bible, and say her prayers.

Marilla is not about to have a heathen living underneath her roof. Towards the end of the trial period, there is a moment when Marilla is sure that she is going to have to send Anne back to the asylum for stealing a broach that has much sentimental value to Marilla. Marilla tells Anne that it is wicked to steal and that she must confess. Anne did not steal the broach but she is afraid of missing a greatly anticipated picnic. She makes up an elaborate confession. Marilla tells her to pack her bags. Afterwards, Marilla finds the broach and realizes that she has been too hard on Anne. She tells Anne that she can stay permanently at Green Gables.

One of Anne's main goals at her new home is to meet a bosom friend. She finds that bosom friend in Diana Berry. A dark headed,