Annoying Drivers

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Whether it is on the city streets, highways, or interstates, there is an insanity of travelers on the roads. At this very moment millions of horns are blaring, tires are screeching, and accidents are happening. It taxes the mind and emotions and quite frankly, it is very annoying. Until technology provides a newer and safer way of commuting, which would maintain automatic speed and direction, no one will be perfectly safe. Whenever I venture out, I know I'll be continually bothered by this maze of wandering tourists, reckless drivers, and hostile maniacs.

The aimless strolling sightseer gets behind the wheel with a map in one hand, and a camera in the other. This deranged operator can be better known as a tourist. Like one of the mice in the maze, this person meanders through with little or no real sense of direction. He or she approaches this destiny by the old Aesop fable "Slow and Steady Wins the Race," with the majority of the emphasis on "Slow."

The inconvenience comes when traveling behind this driver. Being noted for driving under the speed limit whether inside the city or on the freeway, he or she is easily recognized. Never is he or she concerned about other drivers. They are almost non-existent to him or her. They will read every advertisement and road sign, besides not hesitating to pull over for a snapshot or two. This carefree, roaming motorist is forever to be known as a recognizable vacationing tourist.

Also, the roadways are infiltrated with the unsafe careless irritating driver. In contrast to the wandering tourist, this driver has a cell phone in one hand and the radio controls in the other. Recent surveys have proven that more accidents occur when drivers are talking and driving while using the cell phone. Besides...