Another Brick

Essay by hammitUniversity, Bachelor's March 2007

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I admit it was just pretend at the start

but somehow you captured my heart

afraid to admit our love was true

I turned my back and hurt you

The Sharp words, weapons to hurt.

Too busy making a living to flirt.

Lost opportunities, now that's all.

Every hurt, another brick in my wall.

Turning my back to hurt you,

promised never to dessert you.

I hurt you with a great big lie.

To this day I don't know why

Being with me in your wholeness dear,

is too much torture for you I fear.

Unworthy of love, and unworthy of you

my fortunes are cursed, I feel it's true.

For protection I built the wall,

for security I made it really tall.

But it shut you out from me,

limiting the horizons I see.

Trapped inside my man-made cage.

Filled with unreasonable rage.

Fooled by my own foolish dreams.

Deaf now to my own terrified screams.

Worthless is the dark self image I now paint.

Abandoned by the dreams I hoped to find.

Fallen and filthy, I can no longer be a saint.

Absorbed in my darkness I've become blind.

I cannot ask for anyone to change, you see

but I pray the changes to begin with me.

Let it be me that is made into someone new

and someday maybe I'll be good enough for you .

As I leave I take my final bow

to exit and to leave you somehow

yet I can still see through my tears

leaving now is hard after these years

Hurting I turn my back on you

Desserting I've left you