Unbricked: An Alternate Ending to "The Cask of Amontillado"

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After finishing the cask of Amontillado, I slept until the morning sunlight beaming through the window awoke me.

A most curious and strange sensation overcame me, and I ran quickly to the cellar to inspect my masonry.

All was just as I had left it, I could faintly hear Fortunado rattle his chains as he wept. This was music to my ears, I had to hear it better. I removed the last brick so that the sound would travel unimpeded.

As I removed the brick my heart felt strangely lighter. I removed a second brick and the feeling was even stronger.

With each brick I removed I forgave the wretched Fortunado another grievance and as I removed the last brick, a feeling of great mercy overcame me and I released him. Freeing both him and myself from the weight of the past.

(An alternate ending the "The Cask of Amontillado" by E.A.

Poe 1846)


One by one

the bricks are falling down

little by little

life and hopes turn 'round

Purging demons,

blame and shame

freeing spirits,

regaining a name

One by one

each brick must fall

breaking down

The cold stone wall

bit by bit

throwing out the fears

letting sunshine

bring new cheers

Day by day

no more shields and hiding

stretching slowly

in the arms of love

I have yielded

letting go

of hate, hurts and pain

Reborn in love,

saved again and again and again

Brick by brick

the wall becomes a road

less and less

no burden, no heavy load

paving the way

out of the prison gloom

into the sunshine

and the fields in bloom