Banks¡¦ Relationships With Their Publics.

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The issue to be tracked over the course of the semester is that of banks・ relationships with their publics. Banks have obligations to their shareholders, employees, and customers. Balancing these obligations has become increasingly difficult with all publics becoming more demanding. Banks have been trying to dispel the widely held impression of them being large, money hungry companies that do not care about their consumers. The large amounts of mass media dedicated to highlighting the lack of customer service have reinforced a poor image of the banks.

Research Strategy The strategy that has been chosen will consist of daily perusal of newspapers, business magazines and journals, and online news services for items relevant to the issue of banks・ relationships, successes and failures with their publics. Daily news and current affairs programs on TV will also be watched.

These media outlets have been chosen as they commonly address the issue of banks・ relationships with their publics.

The time period in which the articles will be selected will be until the middle of May, 2002. The articles will be selected to give an accurate representation of the content and media portrayal of the issue of bank・s communication strategies, the way in which they are perceived by their target publics and their efficacy.

Article Reports The following two articles have been selected: Laura Mazur, 2000. How companies could manage a split personality This article discusses the problems that corporations face trying to integrate the different parts of their business. Firstly, it deals with what the marketers try to do in terms of improving their relationship with the bank and the customers. Secondly, the strategies for the product innovation are said to rely on good employees. Infrastructure is named as the third component, encompassing the physical assets, managing function, and the goal of profit.